Trump Is Right; Liberals Are DEAD Wrong!

Posted December 10th, 2015 by Iron Mike

CAUTION:  VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES!!   These are just some of the reasons why Trump is right about a moratorium on Muslim immigration from the Middle East.
Beheaders How does Kerry Know
Can YOU pick out the guilty beheaders?   Would you recognize them in a refugee camp of 3,000 men?

Moderates join ISIS

While feigning shock and outrage at Trump’s suggestion of a moratorium,  – who in the Obama Cartel can assure you they’re not about to let in dozens – even hundreds – of hardened ISIS fighters – and beheaders…?

Can you tell
WHO are the ‘refugees” who did this…?

Seven beheaders

WHICH of these SEVEN deserves to come to America – and live for years off your Tax Dollar$?   Do they deserve your ‘Charity’?

Want to take a chance

OK, ~ maybe ~ you could pick out the guy in front,….but would you recognize his buddy behind the fence mounting another trophy?  You want to take a chance?

Trust Obama

After SEVEN YEARS of Obama – and all his failures – from the “Reset Button” to the Iraqi pullout, – to the Arab Spring, – to Fast & Furious, – to Benghazi, – to his ObamaCare website, you really trust anybody in his Cartel to keep you safe…?

three murderers

PLEASE FOLKS:   Send this link to all your liberal political office holders – local, state, and federal….

Remind them that ISIS goes after office-holders and police officers FIRST!

ISIS beheader to Refugee

AND:   since YOU can’t afford Obama’s level of personal protection,…


…buy yourself a good gun this Christmas!


4 Responses to “Trump Is Right; Liberals Are DEAD Wrong!”

  1. Varvara

    Have you seen the photo of the young girl, child of about 8 years old, holding a severed head? Or the photo of the 4 year old boy with a gun that is taller than he is….

    How about the photo of the Jordanian pilot locked in a cage and then set on fire.
    Jordian Pilot
    Or how about the 5 men locked in a cage and lowered into the water.

    In Sweden women are going food shopping with guns. Since most European countries don’t allow guns I would hazard a guess that some of them are from WWII. Will it come to this in USA? Do my friends need to arm themselves?

    I’m always amazed that Bloomberg had 8 security personal, 4 at a time, 2 in front, 2 in back. But he didn’t want to let the common folk have guns. Do you think DiBlasio will welcome these men to NYC?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    With recent GITMO detainees released by Obama back into the mainstream appearing again in ISIS leadership roles, how can we expect this administration to protect us from anything? They are more concerned with offending a radical minority than protecting its citizens.

    The FBI and Homeland Security are clueless as well as we saw after the attack in San Bernardino. They certainly don’t exude confidence, with their collective thousand yard stare.

    You are on you own folks. Do what you feel is necessary to protect your families. The liberal gun grabbers are on their own.

  3. Prim

    Do you think many in the government have really considered why these animals cover their faces.. If you can’t be identified you can visit, travel or return as local spies without fear of identification.

    O ridiculed with the “women and children” — Are they not rounding up the children and indoctrinating them. How many Malik’s are there?

    They wonder about Trumps poll numbers. Simple –He has been voicing the thoughts of the informed Americans and the silent majority has arisen.

  4. Larry Redmond

    We really have to accept the fact that these butchers are motivated by a religion that is trying to rule the world. The future of the whole world is at stake and our leadership is totally out of touch.