Trump Introduces American Heroes!

Posted April 27th, 2019 by Iron Mike

You won’t find American heroes like these thanking any Democrats….

He also tells a little History Lesson,  one that was key to the American Revolution,  – and you’re unlikely to ever meet a Democrat who knows anything about it! video:

Most Americans (even Democrats) know something about the Ride of Paul Revere in 1775,  – and the Battles of Lexington and Concord that followed the next day…..

But few understand that it was the Battle of Salem – 2 months prior that did three critical things to set that stage:

It galvanized the Colonial Minuteman Companies to PLAN for coming to each other’s aide – should the British come again….

It left the British believing the Americans were afraid to actually shoot…

It left too many Americans believing that the King’s Army wouldn’t really shoot them.   They still saw themselves as ‘British Subjects of the King’.

So,  even as the alerted Minuteman Companies were on the move to gather in Concord on Saturday morning 19 April,  – the Lexington Minutemen were blocking LtCol Francis Smith’s 700 Redcoats from proceeding through the Lexington Green….

Suddenly it became obvious that the British would shoot the Americans,….

And two hours later the British learned in Concord, – that the Americans were much better shots.

By the end of the Battle,…all the way back to Menotomy (today Arlington) some 4,000 Colonials had gathered to snipe at the Redcoats.

The British losses were 73 killed, 174 wounded,  vs the Americans suffered 49 killed (some murdered) and 39 wounded.


All History is the story of miscalculations and blunders,  giant egos vs uncommon courage…

…and always the unknown factors of weather and terrain….

So looking back,  we might wonder if General Gage would have dispatched those 700 Redcoats under LtCol Smith to go on a night raid 20 miles deep into hostile territory,  – if he had understood how well armed and trained the Americans were,  – even if most of them had no uniforms.

The Americans those 700 Brits encountered in 1775 were the colonial equivalents of Mark Vaughn and Stephen Willeford, – free men, – well armed, and ready!

Remember, Willeford ran to the sounds of the gunfire – BAREFOOT!

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  1. Varvara

    free men – well armed and ready

    Good thoughts to remember.