Trump Has The Left Shitting In Their Pants!

Posted November 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

Funny how a SIMPLE TRUTH can immediately cause the Left and their Media Fellow Travelers to instantly go crazy!

Trump put out a campaign tweet (Behold MassGOP: a unified Republican Message being sent Nationwide!) featuring convicted double cop killer (2 cops) Luis Bracamontes laughing in court – and openly wishing he’d killed more.

Somehow Trump’s use of that FACT is deemed ‘racist’….

The LEFT expects you and all American Voters to IGNORE all the DEAD and RAPED American Citizens at the hands of illegal immigrants. (3,000 on 9/11 alone…)

You are EXPECTED to be welcoming and grateful as the Democrat (communist) Party imports more life-long Socialist peasants willing to vote as they’re told – by their governments…

If the Left and their Propaganda Ministry are “outraged”,  – Trump must be doing something WONDERFUL,  – and long overdue!

Too bad our inept MassGOP can’t put out a state-wide unified Republican Message,…

  – but then,  – they’re not really Republicans….

2 Responses to “Trump Has The Left Shitting In Their Pants!”

  1. Kojack

    CNN and the rest of the LAME STREAM MEDIA can ALWAYS be counted on to support the ENEMIES OF AMERICA.


    Thank God for Donald Trump. Under our Governor Charlie Baker our Massachusetts National Guard has zero personnel or assets participating in protecting our nations southern boarder. Baker wouldn’t even send one helicopter to help with surveillance. Folks need to wake up and see Charlie Baker is no friend to real Republicans. Charlie’s values don’t align with many people in the Republican Party. Evil men like Bracamontes must be prevented from entering our country. Donald Trump is working to protect us. Charlie Baker why won’t you protect us? BLANK BAKER NOVEMBER 6th. God bless America and Massachusetts.