Trump Has Liberals Choking Today!

Posted December 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

He sure bitch-slapped the snot out of Obama!  28 min video:


4 Responses to “Trump Has Liberals Choking Today!”

  1. Leonard Mead


    Yes, this calm, measured statement is so beautiful to hear. Thank you for posting it.

    Conservatives have suffered for years choking on the socialist swill shoveled out by the former traitor-in-chief, the gay half-black muslim.

    Trump is championing Capitalism’s strength and proudly defining that wealth-building at home means we can protect and defend our values starting with our families — free as our founders intended.

    The world is so lucky Trump is president and not criminal Hillary — who will soon get the painful justice she deserves.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Jeffrey Wallens

    I watched the speech. Then I read the Reuters account. Their take away was that Trump thinks that Putin is bad, and that somehow this is ironic. I know liberals like to use the phrase “common sense, ” but that is what this speech was all about.


    I’m just thankful that after those long 8 years, we finally have an American President who doesn’t blame the USA for the world’s evils and problems, – and isn’t about to tax the crap out of us to pay for our alleged ‘sins’.

    Trump is on OUR SIDE!

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Build the wall…. Stop chain migration…. Rebuild the military….. Protect the Nation….. Amen!

    God bless America.

    God bless our President.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    President Trump always puts the interests of American citizens first. He is working on our economic growth, the defeat of militant Islamic jihadism, strengthening our foreign policy, securing our borders, and reducing the infiltration of illegal immigration He is accomplishing great things for Americans.

    For eight long years, every morning I was terrified to find out what Obama was doing to our country. Whatever President Trump does, he does because he loves our country, and his only agenda is to “Make America Great Again”. We are so blessed to have him in our White House.