Trump Has Fun In Greenville NC

Posted July 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There was a single wacko protester who got in wearing a MAGA hat; – this video doesn’t show his departure…

Sound quality varies – as if MSNBC just couldn’t resist toying with the video….

Trump is 100% right about one thing:  the election of 2020 will be about whether we stay a strong Constitutional Republic where our people prosper, – or begin to slide into the mire of 3rd world socialism, – ending in generations of poverty, lawlessness and despair

Kind of amazing to see that “Squad” – not one of whom has EVER created a JOB – tell their uneducated and gullible followers how the world should be working.

One Response to “Trump Has Fun In Greenville NC”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    President Trump is an amazing President. He has done so many wonderful things for all of us, he is truly Making America Great Again.

    Even with the media, the Democrats, some Republicans against him and his America First agenda, he is accomplishing so much for our country and the world. The American people are watching and aware of the way the radical Democrats are trying to turn our country into a socialist nightmare.

    President Trump in 2020!!!!!!