Trump ‘Gets’ Our 2nd Amendment

Posted October 4th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Speaking Saturday in Franklin, Tenn,  – Trump makes it crystal-clear that he understands our 2nd Amendment at the most basic level.   His little gesture at the end will surely drive gun-grabbing liberals to frothing insanity!

Then, by contrast, – there is the knee-jerk reaction of Candidate Hillary Clinton – who couldn’t safely run and keep secure her arms smuggling operation out of Benghazi,…

… but who knows there ‘is a way to have sensible gun-control measures’.

After watching what happened to the four Americans working for her in Benghazi, are you willing to trust your safety to her…?

Blood of Benghazi

And now Queen Hillary promises “Executive Action!   Damn that pesky old Constitution!”

Hillary promises Executive Action

3 Responses to “Trump ‘Gets’ Our 2nd Amendment”

  1. Sherox

    I would never trust my security nor anyone I love’s security to that woman.

  2. Catherine

    Mr. Trump is absolutely correct in his statements. Our Rights pre-date, transcend, and supersede the Constitution. That is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence.

    Along with the Right to one’s own life is the DUTY to defend that life against those who would take it by force. Else there IS no right to life, and we cede the world to the biggest bullies.

    That right extends to defense of self, family, home, town, and state against the predations of a government turned to tyranny.

    THAT is why the left seeks to disarm; they cannot be assured of a victory in establishing tyranny until the population is disarmed. Jefferson said that the beauty of the Second Amendment was that it would not be needed until it was necessary. In this, as in so many other areas, Jefferson was right.

  3. Walter Knight

    There’s a Trumpnado on the horizon.