Trump Forcing Congress To Legislate

Posted October 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

They should have read his book last Fall,  after he was elected.  But they were too busy trying to overturn the election results.  Today they face an American President like no other in history.
Trump has been very patient.  He’s given the Swamp Vermin lots of time to act.  Now he’s acting,  and the Congress Vermin will have to get off their bought-and-paid-for asses!

Last night (Thurs 12 Oct) he signed an Executive Order on ObamaCare.

It will allow employers to band together and offer tailored plans across state lines,  – plans expected to be cheaper for younger people because they will not be required to contain all the fancy ObamaCare mandates.

He also cut federal subsidies to states – citing a Justice Department that such federal payments are in fact illegal. Gimmecrat states like Massachusetts will quickly feel the pinch,  largely because of all the welfare families and illegal immigrant families getting cadillac coverage.

Among other things,  Trump doesn’t want states looking at the Federal Government as a bottomless money pit.

Sanctuary states like Connecticut and California may need to re-think their policies toward illegals, – and to freeloaders….

You should expect a barrage of lawsuits from the usual liberal states,  – just as in Trump’s immigration bans.

Today he took on the Iranian Twelvers!

He directed the Treasury to SANCTION the Iranian Revolutionary Guards,  – essentially because he refused to certify to Congress that Iran remains in compliance with the Kerry/Obama Nuclear Sellout.

Iran if very likely on a fast-track to receiving a nuclear haircut.  Even Trump has a limit to his patience.

I’m betting that the bought-and-paid-for VERMIN in Congress,  – like Schumer and Paul Ryan – will do everything possible to salvage some parts of ObamaCare – just to spite Trump,  – even as back home their states are going BROKE!

But I haven’t been as proud of a president since Reagan fired the striking Air Traffic Controllers!

3 Responses to “Trump Forcing Congress To Legislate”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I’m reminded of that old McDonald’s commercial: “I’m lovin it”….

  2. Walter Knight

    Remember when critics feared Trump wasn’t conservative enough because he was driven by love of country, not ideology? The man is a fighter. It’s about time a president fought for us.

  3. Kojack

    It’s a good sign that Rand Paul is commending Trump on his executive order…it means he’s on the right track.