Trump Delivers 1,000 New Shipyard JOBS

Posted June 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Trump delivers good news for Americans,  – and in particular for Wisconsin shipyard workers, – and the anti-American media immediately spins it as corrupt.
Fincantieri Marine won a contract to build 10 new fast guided missile frigates – FFG(X) – essentially on a design successfully used by several NATO navies.  Damned few Democrats even know America has a shipyard as far inland as Marinette, Wisconsin.

Fincantieri Marinette Marine – in business since 1942, – has a long history of building specialty vessels for civilians and our various military services,  – and for foreign nations. 

Their flexibility and their quality helped them win this contract.

But the left-wing Trump-hating media immediately accused Trump of corruption, – i.e. using the $5.5 Billion contract to buy Wisconsin votes…

Which state did the Democrats want these ships built in,  – California?  Washington?

Want a job building Fast Frigates…?

Just to be CLEAR:

Republicans EARN votes by providing JOBS!

Democrats BUY votes with EBT Cards….



2 Responses to “Trump Delivers 1,000 New Shipyard JOBS”

  1. Kojack

    This shipyard was highlighted before the Trump Town Hall with Shawn Hannity. Its very impressive. The new contract will generate a ton of good, well paying jobs.

    Lets see how the CHI-COMMS deal with these new missile frigates after they’ve been completely ostracized with no manufacturing, no way to steal new technology and a lack of buyers for their INFERIOR products. They will be dead in the water; pun intended.

  2. panther 6

    I was also unaware of that ship yard in the middle of the nation. Good on em! Let’s hope the construction goes better than some of the other recent Navy activities.

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