Trump Dealing With 7th Century Goons

Posted June 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Kerry and Obama sold us out!  Thank God Trump understands what he’s dealing with.

Not all Iranians are Twelvers,  – but right now (since Jimmy Carter) – they’re in charge – because they have the guns.

3 Responses to “Trump Dealing With 7th Century Goons”

  1. Kojack

    Since they want to go back to the 7th Century maybe we should accommodate them

    Imagine the horror of the Twelvers in the after-life when they meet God, not Allah, and they see their beloved murderous, pedophilic “prophet” Muhammad sodomized by Satan everyday when they get to hell?!?!?

  2. Walter Knight

    It’s time for a regime change in Iran. At the very least the CIA should be arming Iranian guerillas and resistance so the Iranian leadership and ruling class is forced to hide behind the walls of their mosques.

    President Trump did the right thing not going to war. Despite all-knowing liberal media propaganda, wars are not popular. The future of our country and the re-election of President Trump are more important than the immediate future of Iran.

    Gulf oil goes to Europe and China. Those countries should step up to fight Iranian adventurism in the Middle East.

  3. panther 6

    The Imams who rule Iran are a danger to the world and must go.,, the only question is how do make them go. When they seized our Embassy during the Carter Administration the world should have seen them for what they are – threats to the peace of the civilized world.