Trump Crams The Iowa State Fairgrounds

Posted October 10th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The Legitimate President drew the largest crowd EVER at the concert arena (enlarged in 2018 to hold over 14,000). 
These appearances are keeping the hopes of regular Americans alive,  – while we await the eventual hospitalization of China Joe Biden,-  and the vicious evil that is Kamala Kneepads.   Every American needs to plan on being involved in the mid-term elections next year,  – at a minimum poll watching and vote counting to keep the bastards honest.

The Left-Wing Media can trash-talk Trump all they want,  – but the photos and the videos tell a much different story:

On the SAME EVENING when University of Iowa Hawkeyes beat Penn State in a nail-biter 23-20 game,  over 14,000 good Americans jammed the Fairgrounds to hear and see Trump.

These people understand,  they work for a living,  – and they care!

Anybody out there really believe China Joe got more votes than Trump?

A lifelong serial plagiarizer and liar, a shameless grifting kleptocrat with a compulsive need to bombasticate and fabricate heroic stories about himself.  Currently employed by Communist China…while suffering from rapidly advancing dementia.

What can you do Americans…?

Several things:

Pray!  Reach out to friends and family.  Get them praying!

Get involved.  Be pushy.  Get on election committees and be there on election day watching the polls,  and on election night as the votes are counted.

Get trained and ARMED!   If the mid-terms are stolen – our nation may well devolve into civil war.  YOU be the ones with reliable arms – and LOTS of AMMO!  Stockpile food and medical supplies.

And pray some more!

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  1. Blossom Stiefel

    In America, every elected official is sworn into office with an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the U.S.” Their oath isn’t just empty words, but a conviction to protect and preserve the constitutional rights and liberties of the citizens that they represent in all circumstances, crisis or otherwise.

    Ben Franklin’s famous response when asked what sort of government they had come up with at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, “A Republic, if you can keep it”. Right now it looks like we can’t. It looks as if the American constitutional republic has given way, at least temporarily, to an American oligarchy.

    We must stand up and fight against the tyrannical threat on our nation’s Constitution. We all need to do whatever we can to take back our country. Pray, go to rallies, hold signs, run for office, collect signatures, talk to your friends and relatives.
    Let’s Roll!

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