Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence

Posted July 11th, 2020 by Iron Mike

His case grew out of the corrupt Mueller “Russian Meddling” witch-hunt;  – he was arrested in a predawn FBI raid (complete with CNN camera crew), – tried before a vindictive Obama-appointed judge, – with an anti-Trump jury foreperson.

With the facts known about the Foreperson, Judge Amy Berman Jackson still refused to grant him a new trial.
Justice be DAMNED;  – the Swamp wanted a Trump Scalp.

One Response to “Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Democraps are going crazy on this one, and Pelousi’s going to investigate Trump’s motives, implying more impeachment activity. This a$$hole just won’t give up….

    I guess they’ve all forgotten the criminals Clinton and Obummer pardoned, as well as Obummer’s executive order shielding evidence in Fast and Furious and having his corrupt, race bating attorney general held in contempt of congress.

    Oh when will The Almighty send these miscreants to their eternal rewards?