Trump Campaigns In Valdosta, Georgia

Posted December 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

He came to campaign for Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, – and he showed the huge crowd two videos….

As expected,  the WaPo’s reporting was snide:

The crowd in Georgia – estimated at 40,000, – was well aware that Fox has gone to the dark side, and some folks gave them a ration of shit.

Folks, we are living in very dark and dangerous times,  – and for awhile it will be hard to know who you can trust.

103 years since the Russian Revolution,  the agents of Lenin and Stalin and Mao are walking and working their evil amongst us,  – and amongst our kids.

A HUGE chunk of our population seems content with the concept of a stolen election putting a dementia patient and Chinese puppet in the White House,  – “because Trump tweets”.

For a year now Coronavirus has been the giant scam,  – the smoke screen of fear they’ve used to control the masses.

If the two Georgia Republicans lose in January, – and if the Supreme Court doesn’t invalidate the 2020 election and let Congress and the 12th Amendment work,…then we face the near-immediate loss of our Constitutional Republic,  and all of our freedoms.

Today the Communists,  Socialist,  and Globalists are quietly giddy at this prospect,  – you must resolve not to surrender to these domestic enemies.

What happened across Europe under Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin – and across China under Mao – – could easily happen here if the wrong people get real power,  – and the good people sit quietly by and let it happen.

Your executioners are counting on your quiet,  stoic,  obedient acquiescence.   It’s the lesson they learned in Europe and China watching people herded into boxcars and alongside trenches.

The basic groundwork for such a campaign was laid down in 2016,  – when Hillary called us “Deplorables”.

Keep in mind that these evil sick bastards truly believe our world is overpopulated by 6 billion too many people,  – and they have REAL PLANS to deal with that issue.

Plan on being everything but quiet and acquiescent!

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