Trump Calls Off Singapore Summit

Posted May 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The words of Kenny Rogers should be ringing in your head.
It seems Kim hadn’t done his homework back home to calm his generals,  – and they were more than a little nervous to let him go negotiate away their comfy lifestyle.  As Kim started blaming Mike Pence,  – Trump understood the noise,  – and beat the runt to the punch.

So instead of a fake John Kerry moment,  – we have a president with the brains and the honor to back away from a bad deal.

In doing so, Trump likely just saved Kim’s life.

For Kim to have walked across the DMZ and sat down with the South Korean leadership is one thing.   It all took place within range of a thousand NorK artillery pieces.   The Generals felt comfortable that they would have any final word that day.

Letting Kim fly to Singapore – with his wife and sister,...totally another matter.   He might keep going to Switzerland.

And Kim was well aware they might shoot him down upon his return if they thought he’d just given away too much.

Trump smelled the trouble, and sent the letter calling off the meeting – and letting Kim spin the story any way he wants for local consumption.

Kerry and Obama would have sent a C-17 with pallets of cash and gold.

Remember Kenny Rogers’ words:

Kind of nice to have grownups in charge – not fools looking for unearned Nobel Peace Prizes…

3 Responses to “Trump Calls Off Singapore Summit”

  1. Mt Woman

    What? Is James Taylor yesterdays’s news? I was hoping to hear, “You Got a Friend” little Rocket Man sung once again on the national stage.

  2. Hawk1776

    So stupid. Kim Jong Un could have reached a peace agreement with the US and would have become a hero. We’ve had troops stationed in South Korea for over sixty years so it should be obvious we have no desire to invade North Korea. He could have opened up his country, solved most of his problems, and remained a dictator. WTF is he thinking?

  3. Walter Knight

    Kim Jong Un thought the anti-American rhetoric could continue unnoticed.