Trump At The UN: September 2018

Posted September 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

FINALLY!  We have an American President unafraid to face Third World Thugs and “tell it like it is”!

Leftists and Globalists are writhing in emotional agony,  but this speech is decades overdue!  Take the time to listen,  – as Trump fires warning shots across the bows of rogue and wayward nations. video:

Trump understands that throughout History – Great Nations and Mighty Empires that allowed themselves to soften,  – to be abused,  – and who failed to rigorously defend their interests and their borders,  – were soon conquered by invaders…

Sure is great to have a President who loves us….

– instead of one who apologizes for us!

3 Responses to “Trump At The UN: September 2018”

  1. Hal Shurtleff

    AOL reported that some in the audience laughed at Trump. I wish Trump’s speech was “Why we are leaving the Communist and Cut Throat Club also Known as the United Nations.” Its charter was written by a Stalinist agent and traitor Alger Hiss, and it has lived up to Hiss’ worldview. Here is an excellent video on its sordid, vile history:

  2. Panther 6

    Having served with the UN as an observer during the 73 War of Attrition in Israel, I have no love for the impotent UN that serves itself for the most part. It is doing some good in some places but overall it is not effective; my opinion only.

  3. Justin Wyant

    It’s sad that everyone in the audience laughed at him, D-Trump is a great man and every single other diplomat in the world is WRONG!


    You’re very close to 100% correct Justin. There are 193 member nations in the UN, – and many of them are third world thugocracies – usually involving an extended family which occupies all of the key offices in those lands, and getting very rich at it..

    Thus their reps at the US are often extended family members who know what to say to keep US money flowing IN – and US troops OUT.

    Thus Trump’s speech was a warning shot. Some will listen, – some won’t.