Trump At The 2019 NRCC Spring Dinner

Posted April 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Boss has some fun with a Republic audience,  – and cracks a few good ones about Biden and AOC….

90-minute video:

Trump gives the Republican House Members some very sound advice about the 2020 campaign,  and the themes they should plan to run on.

Damned good advice to Town and City committees too!

Trump tells them to expect Democrat voter fraud.

Town and City committees should already be recruiting and training poll watchers – LOTS of them,…because Democrats will be VERY DESPERATE!

3 Responses to “Trump At The 2019 NRCC Spring Dinner”

  1. Walter Knight

    “You having a good time, Joe?”

  2. Sherox

    Poll watchers coming from local committees? It will never happen because the party actively does not want local committees and it does nothing to help or support the local committees. The state committee is a joke as is the MAGOP. They are nothing but democrats.


    You are totally correct!

    That’s why town and city committees need to rebel, rise up, and take charge of their own futures. THEY can recruit and train poll watchers!

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Wonderful speech, wonderful President Trump!!!!

    We must win in November, with the Democrat platform of socialism, infanticide, the Green New Deal and a myriad of other dangerous plans for our country, we must win for our American values our American Dream, and our way of life. These un-American changes would be devastating, and overwhelming for our lives, our world and our children’s future.

    I believe that with these radical ideas, the Dems are changing the minds of millions of American voters. The Venezuela of today is what the Democrats are proposing for our country, people are watching and listening to these horrendous plans, we will reject these ideas.

    There is much work to do, but we can and will prevail. Let’s all roll up our sleeves and do all that we can to help our country, our people, our amazing President and his agenda.