Trump And Pence’s Listening Session

Posted February 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

With a dignity and grace that Obama/Biden could never have shown,  the President,  Vice President, and SecEd,  sat for over an hour listening to survivors of the Douglas High school shooting.

Even if you don’t have time for the whole video,  watch parts of it.  Think about how to get your local town or city to fortify and defend your local schools.

Folks,  even if you personally hate guns,  our government is NEVER going to round up and destroy 400,000,000 privately owned weapons from law-abiding US Citizens.  Won’t happen.

So we HAVE to FORTIFY and DEFEND the soft targets!

At the 1 hr 5 minute mark the principal of a DC-area school talks about one of his students killed (by gang violence) on his way home from an otherwise secure school.

BTW,  does your CHURCH post an armed defender near the back during services?

Have you forgotten Southerland Springs, Texas and Antioch, Tennessee already…?

Churches don’t need “Government Permission” to post armed church members with concealed weapons in the back pews. 

3 Responses to “Trump And Pence’s Listening Session”

  1. mark

    The obama administration would NEVER do this.

  2. mark

    Listen to the man at the 24 minute mark.

  3. Jim Buba

    Pulling the cover off the headlines, one can only pause to wonder when all of ‘this’ started. There are a number of side-bars, none of them having anything to do with guns or shootings or schools that are the cause for all of these things.

    Thinking about these causes; elimination of State-run Mental Health facilities and Asylums, knee-jerk medications for children, the inability of 60’s children to cope with their children, and then fan out to the too-numerous legal briefs and arguments that smoothed the way for all of this to happen.

    Then, consider the politics of all of these things. It is clear that these unintended consequences were never considered by those who claimed to adjust or make law. Now that we have the consequences as penalty for modernizing our laws and way of life, it is also clear that the duct-tape approach to legislation will never work.