Trump 2020: Poll Numbers vs Long Lines

Posted June 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Have you seen those left-wing polling figures suggesting that Trump’s popularity is slumping? 
But – have you seen folks lining up 2 days ahead to hear any of the Democrats?

Do you suppose that the majority of THINKING and Tax PAYING Americans understand what a unique and marvelous President we have – at last?

WHEN and WHERE in your memory did folks start lining up – 2 days ahead – to hear a political candidate – and turn the wait into a party?

The Amway Center seats just 20,000, and over 100,000 have applied for tickets.

This is the story the Left Wing Media (Propaganda Ministry) Outlets don’t want to tell – because it makes their 23 ‘contenders’ look like pathetic jokes.

May God Bless and keep safe this hard-working American Patriot and his entire family!

2 Responses to “Trump 2020: Poll Numbers vs Long Lines”

  1. Varvara

    ……and not a fight or stabbing, shooting or a 911 call

  2. Michael W Dane

    I would like to see and compare the grounds after a Trump rally with any Democrat rally.