Trouble In Charlie Fakerland?

Posted July 3rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

We have gambling dens – ‘casinos‘ about to open,  – and our scandal-riddled State Cops will be assigned to police them.  We’ve just seen sworn officers sell their badges for $75/hour shifts;….can they be trusted to police and guard Million$?
Charlie is being quoted as saying that the sight of three troopers hauled into court – in handcuffs – by the FBI,  – should somehow ‘reassure voters‘…   Dear God,  what is he thinking?

Remember,  to the spend-happy Democrats (that includes Faker) on Beacon Hill,  – the casinos were to be the salvation for our financial woes.  Gambling tax revenue would magically wipe away our state debt,  pave our roads,  educate our kids,  – and of course give pay raises to all state employees….

All on the backs of the gambling addicted…..

Compared to those ‘benefits’ – a casino full of hookers was a ‘manageable problem’.

It’s exactly like looking at the sales taxes paid by EBT Cardholders as a way of reducing our State Debt….


But not to worry Dear Taxpaying MassHole,  – your fellow liberal voters decided to make marijuana legal,….so the State could TAX that too….(and thus balance our budget?).

Shouldn’t be any problems with the State competing in the drug marketplace against the Mexican Cartels…right…?

After all,  we have the State Police!

In recent times our State Troopers (some of them) have been involved,  – along with their officers,  – in DUIs,  a hunting accident,  editing arrest reports for a judge’s hooker daughter,  hiring a former drug dealer as a state trooper,  sleeping in their patrol cars while on duty,  and in the worst cases  – putting in time sheets for entire overtime shifts – when they never left home….

Now thirteen (13) of them will be assigned to the MGM Casino in Springfield,  – already a corrupt and crime-infested city destroyed by Democrats (who drove out the manufacturing industries).

Imagine the temptations….hookers,…booze,…BIG MONEY,…

…what could possibly go wrong…?




The REAL ISSUE isn’t if Charlie Faker can trust his State Cops,  – he only has to trust the ones assigned as his bodyguards….

WE THE TAXPAYING PEOPLE need to worry about how trustworthy the remaining 2,000 troopers are,….and if the Force can and will finally weed out their corrupt members.

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  1. jim morose

    I can’t remember all the characters, but, Robin Hood is Trump, the FBI is the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Sen. Warren is not Maid Marian….