TRIGGER WARNING: Hillary Doll Hanging!

Posted December 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Rhode Island Cupcakes and Buttercups are ERUPTING!tony-polseno-jr-our-hero-of-the-day
Suddenly 81-year old proprietor Tony Polseno Jr. is “under fire” for displaying his Lyin’ Hillary doll…. The Hillaryphiles are traumatized!  Quick,  – send in the grief counselors!


Safety pins for everybody!   Designate SAFE ZONES!

Blankets and pillows – NOW!

WTF?   Twenty-two (22) long days after Trump’s election and the juvenile-minded Rhode Island pussies are still so distraught that the sight of a Lyin’ Hillary doll hanging on a wall sends them to their local newspaper…? Really?

Sadly,…it did….

And overnight made the national news. Suddenly Tony is ‘under fire’ from everywhere.


Let’s award this hero the Combat Merchant Badge!

Hey Rhode Island – SUCK IT UP and GET OVER IT!

Remember your pathetic entry in the Democrat Presidential Sweepstakes…


Nobody ever heard of your Senator Chafee…..he was (and is) a political nobody.  Who dropped out first – him or Jim Webb…?

Yeah,…exactly,…who cares?

Tony,  you’re our Hero-of-the Day at RRB!   You’re a self-starting entrepreneur who built a business – and you’re still going to work at it every day.

No Democrat would even think of THAT!   They’d be busy applying for ‘free government money’.

It’s YOUR store,….and if those Butt-Hurt Biddies don’t like your doll – or your politics,  – tell them to leave.

“Children can’t be in here with out a grown-up to supervise them!”

SUCK IT RHODE ISLAND!   You’ve long been the most politically corrupt state in the union.  Since the very best you could offer the Nation is milquetoast Lincoln Chafee,…you’ve got nothing to say…..

6 Responses to “TRIGGER WARNING: Hillary Doll Hanging!”

  1. FLICK

    Isn’t ‘under fire’ a gun related term?

  2. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    It ain’t called Rogue Island for nothin’. Yeah, Tony…keep it up.

  3. Mt Woman

    Congratulations Tony for exercising your freedom of expression. You are bold and brave and are mindful of the risk of alienating customers. Unfortunately the pansies were so offended that they notified and bellowed to the press who could not stop to take a breath before they ran to cover this silliness like it was the outbreak of WWIII.

  4. Panther 6

    Yes sir cheers for Tony having the guts to do this. As a product of Providence College before PCness took center stage I can tell you most of my profs (Dominican priests for the most part) would also applaud Tony. As for the graft and corruption in RI, well it seems to to have been that way forever.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    ……and my wife wonders why I tell folks I came to Florida from Massachusetts instead of Rhode Island…..

  6. Kojack

    It is revealing that removing, burning or desecrating Old Glory doesn’t phase them but mocking a corrupt, lying, traitor literally gives them fits.

    BTW where can I me one of them there Lyin’ Hillary Dolls?