Treason, Blunder, Or Deception Plan?

Posted February 21st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Did we tell Hitler when and where we were landing on D-Day?
Target Mosul

With just 2 days on the job as SecDef, Ashton Carter is off to a terrible start, – if there is ~ any ~ truth to the leaked plan to retake Mosul in northern Iraq in April or May, – before the beginning of Ramadan on June 17th.

Sure, given how totally inept and clumsy Obama has conducted all his “military operations” – like announcing the pullout dates from both Iraq and Afghanistan,…it is easy to believe this is just him trying to convince Americans that he ‘really is doing something to crush ISIS…’.

But Ash Carter isn’t this dumb….is he?

God help the world

Well, he did agree to work for Obama…

So I have to believe this is like the “Man Who Never Was”,…[Major William Martin, Royal Marines], who convinced the Germans that Operation Husky was to target Greece and Sardinia, – not Sicily.

For the sake of the Iraqi and American troops involved, – let’s hope this unfathomable breech of operational security is just a ruse.

Otherwise, – it’s treason!

3 Responses to “Treason, Blunder, Or Deception Plan?”

  1. Hawk17776

    One wouldn’t leak attack plans if one wanted to be successful. I suspect the administration leaked the plans to show they are doing something and to insure it won’t work. I don’t trust anything they do. Sad to say that I agree with Giuliani’s assessment of Obama.

  2. Jim Buba

    As well, the muslim-convert CIA chief is supposed to leak details of the bombing and other assault.

    This will give the enemy time to move out valuable assets, re-hide the chemical weapons and in their place, put innocent Christian civilians in harm’s way.

    All part of the plan.