Tragic Russian Tu-22M Winter Crash

Posted January 26th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Under Vladimir Putin the Russians have spent enormous sums to rebuild their military,  but often not with the best engineering….

Two videos of their main bombers crashing,  – in both cases the drag chutes do not seem to deploy in time….  The rest is metal fatigue and airframes that probably should have been retired.

RRB has no joy – no glee – in pointing out these failures.  We show them to reinforce the message that all military service – in any nation – brings with it terrible risks.

But in some countries,  – lives seem to be cheaper,  – and the political powers behind the weapons designers and manufacturers hold more sway than the men who are handed the weapons….

Remember that the Russians don’t NEED this 1969 vintage bomber;  the Americans and the Chinese aren’t likely to attack them.

An older crash….chutes deployed too late….


Now consider that in 2017 – over FOUR BILLION passengers flew world-wide.  So offering safe landings generates a profit – both for the airlines – and the airplane manufacturers.

The Air, far more than the Sea, – is terribly unforgiving of even your slightest mistakes.

5 Responses to “Tragic Russian Tu-22M Winter Crash”

  1. Walter Knight

    Made in Russia? It’s a death trap.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Two down. How many to go?

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    On second thought…. Notice the lack of emotion on the part of the videographer. Not even an elevated elevated expression of surprise. I understand discipline and self control, and I can’t speak Ruskie, but not even a “holy shit!”!


  4. panther 6

    Some Russkie “stuff” is good but if it is complex and highly technical be very careful. The last really solid things they built were the T34 tank – WWW II and the Kalashnikov assault rifle, AK 47.

  5. Catherine

    Oh, man. The rear wheels touched down then it just FOLDED in half, creasing UPwards. I never saw the front wheels come anywhere near touching before it failed.

    Yeas, very odd there was no response; one would have thought a “Boje moi!” (“my God!”) at least. Was it remotely operated?


    Per Russian reports crew of 4 killed….