Tragic Coincidence Or Liberal Mental Defect?

Posted December 27th, 2017 by Iron Mike

In August 1963,  Harvard lawyer and Post Publisher Phil Grahamin the midst of a torrid affair at work and having ‘nervous breakdowns’,  – stuck a 28-gauge shotgun to his Adam’s apple and killed himself.  Now 54 years later his 69-year old son William has shot himself too.

We wonder if Liberals will offer up these two liberal suicides as ‘PROOF’ that there are too many guns on the street…?   Timing is everything….

Would you believe that a movie is about to hit the Big Screen – called “The Post” – about those days when the newspaper,  – under the guidance of widowed mom Katharine,  – chased the Pentagon Papers story and brought down President Nixon?

Is that ‘just a coincidence’?

Or was watching what a left-wing propaganda megaphone his father’s newspaper has become under Bezos just too much for even a Liberal to bear?

One Response to “Tragic Coincidence Or Liberal Mental Defect?”

  1. Kojack

    It must really suck to know deep down that everything you stand for is wrong like EVERY lib-TURD does. Maybe both father and son had a severe attack of conscience.