Tornadoes And Politicians

Posted June 1st, 2011 by Iron Mike

We had a couple of mean little tornadoes cut across southern Massachusetts this afternoon. So far four people are dead.

Our prayers are with them and their families, and with the many families who lost homes and businesses.

Now our citizens will see if their elected Democrats are up to the task.

Deval Patrick was on TV an hour ago – and despite the grimness of the events,  my first reaction was a loud hoot. Let me explain.


Standing behind Deval [I call him Duh-val] was a lady we at RRB have gotten to know all too well. Executive Secretary of Public Safety – Mary Beth Heffernan.

We’ve gotten an up-close and personal look at Mary Beth in connection with Governor Patrick’s foot-dragging on the Secure Communities Program. Being pro-illegal immigrant – he’s been looking for an excuse to continue ignoring the program – one highly favored by police officers.

Mary Beth has a particular skill set which Duh-val somehow finds desirable. She does a great job at looking befuddled, confused, and hung over in public. She is so good at it you’d think she and State Senator Susan Fargo are sisters.

So there standing behind the Gov was Mary Beth. Believe me folks, she doesn’t have a clue. Springfield – you are screwed!

As if 8.5% unemployment wasn’t bad enough, tonight there are reports of looting.  Guess some folks were just out looking for their FEMA cards.


But it gets worse; Lurch is on his way.

When Senator Kerry saw Duh-val giving a press conference on TV tonight he said:  “Damn – they’ve still got electricity – I’ve got to get there for another live shot!” Kerry immediately left his yacht [moored in Rhode Island] and headed up the road.

His mission is to be seen against a backdrop of storm damage in time for the Thursday morning news.

You can almost hear his sound bites: ‘We need to raise taxes to help these poor people‘ – – ‘I want to make sure that only UNION labor is used in the rebuilding effort‘ – – ‘We don’t want any non-union people running chain saws‘ – – ‘Home Depot and Lowe’s better not be doing any price gouging‘.  ‘Let’s borrow some more money from our Chinese friends!

So between Democrats Deval Patrick, John Kerry, John Olver, Mayor Domenic Sarno, and of course the bewildered Mary Beth, – you just KNOW that Springfield is in good hands. Everything should be fixed….by late October 2012.

Let the photo-ops begin!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Tornadoes And Politicians”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    When I saw MB standing there, with that signature stunned look, behind Patrick I knew that Iron Mike was probably already opening the blog. Today will be a huge newsday in NE. We have all the Dems in Springfield for photo ops (where’s Scotty), Sarah in the Boston area and Mitt in NH. Will Obama provide federal disaster funds? If you are from MA, yes, but from TX (wildfires), no. Where will the media concentrate their resources today?

  2. Kathy

    So where’s Congressman Neal, no comment on his FB page.

  3. Chris

    You are exactly what you accuse these politicians of being: A filthy, disgusting opportunist. Widespread destruction throughout the area I live in and people dead, and after paying the minimum of lip-service you write this? Rot in hell.