Too Sexy To Be Mayor?

Posted July 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

His Honor and Bronwyn
San Diego’s experiment with an ?ber-liberal Democrat as mayor is going badly.
He’s up to his tongue in charges of brazen sexual harassment.

Bob Filner is a college professor turned City Councilman [5 years] – turned Congressman [50th district – then 51st District] for 20 years…and elected San Diego Mayor November 2012.

Suddenly things have turned ugly for Bob. Even close political allies are turning on him – for “…forcibly kissed two constituents and grabbed the buttocks and breast of a staff member…”.

What, isn’t this standard for Democrats?

Never fear Bob!  San Diego’s progressive community is so delighted to have a fellow MoonBat as mayor – they’re sticking by him, groping, kissing, frisky feeling, and all.

After all, – could it be any worse than say…Bill Clinton,…or Anthony Weiner,…or Eliot Spitzer? Just imagine the joy of a military/naval town like San Diego with a true blue Progressive running the show. And a draft dodger to boot!

Filner is 70 years old, Jewish, a founder of the Progressive Congressional Caucus, pro-active on Filipino-American issues – and known for his hot temper. In August 2007 United Airlines personnel had to call police when he became abusive over missing baggage at Dulles Airport.

Twice divorced [what did thy know?] Bob was dumped last week by his sexy fiancée Bronwyn Ingram – a US Government worker. She’s 48, and she’ll be hard to replace!

Can the lawsuits be far away…? Will the girls he left behind on Capitol Hill want a piece?

UPDATE: ALLRED ALERT!! Smelling sex and City Coffers – Attorney Gloria Allred arrives on the scene to enrich herself while further exploiting Filner’s victims.Allred Alert in San Diego

UPDATE: Fri 26 July 2013 “I’m going for therapy…”I need help

UPDATE: Fri 23 Aug – Filer reaches deal w/ City Council – will resign Aug 30th.

UPDATE:  Tues 15 Oct 2013  Filner pleads GUILTY to Felony False Imprisonment & Battery. Could get 3 yrs on Dec 9th . Merry Christmas Bob!  Civil suits next….

UPDATE: Monday 9 Dec  – He’ll be stay-at-home Bob for 3 months [home confinement] and on probation for 3 years…not allowed to run for office. Merry Christmas Bob! 

3 Responses to “Too Sexy To Be Mayor?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    This is just par for the course for California.

  2. Tom Wholley

    Hi Mike. I continue to love your website and appreciate the great job you do keeping us informed about the truth. I wasn’t sure how else to contact you so I’m sorry for posting this here, but I’m very interested in hearing your opinion on my latest blog post concerning saluting the flag by Veterans. Thanks…Tom

  3. BeachGirl

    Notice the nutty old bats in the background with the very neatly printed and identical signs….supporting this old fool! Can we say……U-N-I-O-N????? They are happy to have a criminal in office as long as he gives all the great things he promised. It’s Comic-CON week in San Diego — but they don’t need to look very far to find the Joker — he’s in the Mayor’s palace! (and a palace it is — with his young female handlers — he refuses to speak to most of the news media — he’s above it all!)

    I’m sure he was doing this for years in Congress and thought it was just “business as usual” at the Mayor’s office.