Too Many Lawsuits Bill. G’Bye!

Posted April 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Liberal Media (Propaganda Ministry) will giggle with glee as they report the apparent ending or the relationship between Fox and Bill O’Reilly.  Since ratings weren’t the issue,…it boils down to image, and too many lawsuits.  There is a whiff of hypocrisy in the air….

The world’s best known know-it-ALL (after Obama) was never known for his gentile manner and soothing words. “What goes around,…” 

…appears to be coming around.

At 6′ 4” tall,  and never one to be shy,  O’Reilly has been a staple in many American households in the hour after dinner.  People trusted him to strip the phony off politicians and expose their phony positions….

But it would seem there was a dark side to O’Reilly off camera.  

He may have been too fond of the young ladies,….and he couldn’t hide behind being an utter fool,…say like Joe Biden.

Truth be told I grew very tired of O’Reilly constantly “…giving the President the benefit of the doubt”….for the first 6 years of his term.  Even the Benghazi massacre didn’t seem to remove O’Reilly’s blinders.

I came to believe that O’Reilly is a secret Democrat,….which would explain why his ratings and his success seemed to go to his head. There wasn’t much humility visible in recent years….to the point that even when he was 100% correct on an issue,…he grated on my nerves just listening to him….

And although he could be gracious with some guests, he seemed too often to delight in being rude.

His condescending lecturing of Donald Trump throughout the campaign last year went beyond rudeness,…it was arrogant and obnoxious.

To the good, – he helped Fox become a political powerhouse.  To the bad,  his off-camera behavior has now cost Fox credibility – that they will try to make up by firing him. The sponsors will return…..

O’Reilly won’t starve.  He’s wealthy enough that he doesn’t have to work again,  and he may want to spend his days writing books.

7 Responses to “Too Many Lawsuits Bill. G’Bye!”

  1. Meat And Potatoes

    I find it all rather circumspect. I do not have all the information but I always find these sexual harassment suits dubious

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    Bill O’Reilly has problems but I think The Soros, Clinton, Bush, Obama gangs helped take him down.

  3. Kojack

    Regarding sexual dalliance, what happened to O’Reilly was questionable at best(I personally think it was a witch hunt) but notice the lefties thought it was “courageous” when Huma took Anthony Weiner back and were never bothered by their hero Bill Clinton’s exploits at all.

    Double standards and hypocrisy on full display on the left as usual.

    For the most part I liked O’Reilly even though I too was frustrated with the way he kept giving Obysmal the benefit of the doubt. His Killing series books are excellent, at least the ones I have read. I think Fox’s ratings are going to take a hit.

  4. Mt Woman

    I can only speculate, but O’Reilly, a man of my age bracket, probably has an entirely different perspective of working and relating with women than many younger men today hold. I also know that what may be construed as rude or bad-form, is considered harassment in today’s dating situation. Regardless, it is easy money and a feather in one’s cap to be responsible for toppling the great O’Reilly. I watched him every night and will miss him tremendously. Although I didn’t always think he was fair–yes, he gave Obama many too many outs, not holding him accountable, he was still a straight talker who made his listeners think and weigh options. Fox News has made a mistake–who’s next??

  5. integrity 1st

    If only he weren’t so smug and arrogant 100% of the time . . .

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Chalk up this one for the Lefties….

    Sun Sui, Machiavelli, Clausewitz, one of these guys said all warfare is economic. I could envision O’Reilly fighting this one in the court of public opinion. After all, he personally had a nightly viewership greater than the aggregate of the other cable stations. But I more imagine the Soros Cabal in contact with Fox’s advertisers, asking them how they’d like a Left-led, national boycott of their products unless they pressured Fox to drop O’Reilly. That’s my guess…

    As for O’Reilly coming from an older generation with different attitudes regarding fratrinization, I’m a few years older than he, but even this “humble correspondent”, this “simple man”, knows better than to try to establish a senior-subordinate, quid pro quo arrangement with someone over whom I held economic decision-making. Remember, sexual harassment is not about sex, it’s about power….

    I don’t know, we don’t know, the facts of this matter, so I’ll go with innocent until proven guilty, but the allegations don’t sound good. If O’Reilly’s guilty, he should be ashamed of himself, not only for being lecherous, but for being so friggin’ stupid! If he’s not guilty, I wish him luck and a well-deserved break from his hectic work schedule.

    And…I’ll watch for him to one day establish his own network, a la Limbaugh’s EIB Network, and pick up where he left off…. Hell, he’s already made enough money to launch the effort….

  7. Walter Knight

    The leftist rent-a-mobs can tarnish anyone’s reputation. This is not about sexual harassment, but rather about attacking conservatives, attacking Fox News, and attacking free speech. After O’Reilly was fired, liberals announced it was not enough. They want the culture changed. That’s code for they want Fox News changed.

    Liberals want to silence opposition. Filing phony lawsuits is just another tool in achieving that goal. Dark side? Bullshit.