Too Many Cowboys In The FBI?

Posted February 3rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Yesterday our FBI was shaken by a tragedy – two of their seasoned agents killed,  – 3 more wounded – trying to arrest a kiddie porn suspect in Florida.  It was inevitable.

These dead agents will soon be forgotten,  – swallowed up and burred in the never-ending news cycle of Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders and the Democrats’ demonic attempt to impeach a private citizen.   And the agency itself may never conduct an honest after-action review, – to see their obvious blunders.

That immature cowboys were running the FBI was obvious in the predawn raid to arrest Roger Stone – when a phone call and taxi fare would have done the job.

But SOMEBODY (Robert Mueller?) wanted to make a political point against Trump – so they embellished a simple arrest into a SWAT TEAM RAID – complete with CNN camera crew to record the heroism….

Roger Stone is not the kind of guy to start shooting out his front window.

The kiddie-porn suspect is a much different matter.

Kiddie-porn is a vicious thoroughly depraved and evil crime – which spreads itself world-wide in clandestine networks.

Every so often the FBI and local cops break open a network,  – and the media tends to brush past the stories of local cops,  clergy,  and politicians who are implicated.  It is a very evil crime which attracts the most despicable of men…

And they are desperate not to be caught.  The ones who have been to prison once know what’s in store for them – if they get sent there again…

So a predawn raid on a desperate suspect – who was LIKELY to be armed,  and LIKELY to shoot…was a thoroughly dumb idea.

At 5:45 AM – on an otherwise quiet street, – any unusual noise was enough to alert the suspect.  A dog barking,  – the closing of too many car doors,…a car making a U-turn to get into position….anything….

The distance from the curb to his front door is HIS KILL ZONE.  He’s spent years thinking about the day (or night) the cops finally come for him…

And what if the police / FBI gains entry…?

You’ve still got to go across his living room (his 2nd KILL ZONE) to get to where he’s sleeping – probably with a gun,  – and he knows he can hit you by shooting right through the walls.

At RRB we believe the FBI should continue to investigate,  – track down,  and arrest these kiddie porn monsters.  For the damage done to the innocent child victims,  – life in prison seems fitting,  – beheading even better.

BUT,  our ENTIRE FBI better wake up to both their REAL MISSION (no,  it’s not keeping Democrats in power),  – and find some less dangerous ways to nab the really bad actors.

The Cowboys need to be retired – maybe go to Hollywood….

FYI,  the two dead agents are Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger.

They are both heroic in what they were trying to do,  – but died like soldiers in a forgotten war because somebody above them OKed stupid cowboy tactics.

What was the EXTREME URGENCY to arresting the kiddie porn suspect at DAWN yesterday morning?  Nobody thought to ask for a ROBOT?  And maybe wait until 10 AM?

Arresting Roger Stone 2 years ago wasn’t police work – it was cheap political theater.   The agents involved (pawns) should be morbidly embarrassed.

Both predawn Florida raids ended up making the FBI look political,  and frankly inept and unprofessional.  Somebody needs a desk job sorting mail.

4 Responses to “Too Many Cowboys In The FBI?”

  1. Ben

    You have to ask, what for? Highly trained agents, gone, not a whole lot gained.

  2. Walter Knight

    Arresting a suspect at his home is dangerous. If there is anywhere a suspect might resist, it’s at his home. It’s almost an American tradition.

    If police have info on a suspect (job, vehicle, associates) it is easier to nab him outside his residence. Police have learned this the hard way many times, but it seems the lesson does not sink in.

  3. Ben

    What is going on in our country? We are going backwards. Having Biden president ( with O’bama ) is bad enough and we don’t know how long Joe will last and what comes after him is worse. We have to set the sails straight or the worst is yet to come.

  4. Kojack

    The time & manner of the Roger Stone raid vs the kiddie porn tells everything about who the DEEP STATE considers more dangerous…..