Tontitown Arkansas Shootout

Posted November 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

This is why EVERY police cruiser should have a bullet-proof windshield,  – and why cops should wear their vests – ALWAYS!

NOTE how fast the action is.   Would you have time to react?
Video below the fold:

Note how calm Mister Cobos-Cenobio appears in his booking photo – after TWO shootouts with police within hours.

Do we want any more of these in our country?

This guy will be a hero in prison….

Hat tip:  Agent Prim

UPDATE:  Tues, 20 Nov 2018   Wouldn’t you guess…the Lad is a DACA recipient…. Thank you Obama!

6 Responses to “Tontitown Arkansas Shootout”

  1. Vic

    IMHO, I think dropping the gearshift into D and ramming that guy while he was hanging out the door would have been the most expedient option.

  2. FLICK

    Has anyone ever heard b. HUSSEIN obama speak out about this? No, his silence was deafening as a statement that this was acceptable behavior. The new normal for thugs.

    Thank God for that armor.

  3. Walter Knight

    Why is the suspect even alive?

  4. Panther 6

    Our friends on the left would love this guy and find a way to get him out of this jam,,,,he is a democrat vote. Our system of justice has been so watered down that the lad will not be guilty, it will be societies fault that this poor lad had to defend himself. What a travesty. Hope he gets the max sentence.

  5. Mt Woman

    I thought too of ramming the car with the cruiser to end the shooting spree. Was this officer more concerned with the accusatiin of public outcry over abuse of power than his own safety? Seemed that the officer had ample opportunity to take the shooter out.

    ++++++++++++++++++ 2 FACTORS +++++++++++++++++++

    The Deputy had no way of KNOWING if the shooter was alone. As it turned out seconds later – there WAS an innocent passenger in the car.

    Some have suggested he should have fired THROUGH the windshield, – but bullet-proof glass works BOTH WAYS, and any round he fired from inside the cruiser could have ricocheted and killed him.

  6. MC

    It is past time to be thinking of a complete set of bulletproof glass in all patrol cars. Also driver’s door should have bulletproof reinforcement as well. If that were the case, between the door and the window that perp wouldn’t have had a chance to leave the scene.