Toni, Michelle, & The ObamaCare Website

Posted October 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

There is just too much ‘coincidence’ in this story…..
CGI Built Website

Toni McCall Townes-Whitley
was a Black student activist at Princeton – graduating in ’85 – the same class as Michelle Robinson Obama.   Suddenly she re-appears as a Vice President of Consulting Services at CGI – the Canadian company that was ‘selected’  [without a bid] to built the very complicated ObamaCare website. My, my, what a small world….

Somehow,…somebody…picked an undistinguished Canadian company with a chequered history of failing  to complete IT contracts….to manage one of the biggest and most politically sensitive government IT contracts in history? 

Who decided on the $678 MILLION price tag?

What qualifications even put CGI on the finalist list?

Why was there never a public bidding process announced by HHS?  Was this an insider job from the get-go?

CGI Ripoff Begins  Christmas 2010

Now, with the website a catastrophic and highly public failure,…key questions surface:

ebayIn 2012,  Americans with minimal computer skills could shop on-line for airline tickets, – hotel reservations,  – rental cars,  – books,  – sports and camping equipment,  – and bid successfully for stuff they spotted on eBay,  – ALL with a GUARANTEE of PRIVACY!!

You could use Bing, Yahoo, and Google internet search sites to find almost everything known to mankind… Search Engines

Yet the ObamaCare website quickly warns you YOU HAVE NO GUARANTEE!!  Why?

Was the design,  development,  integration,  testing,  roll-out,  and maintenance of the website deliberately placed in unqualified and incompetent hands?   If so, – WHY?

Did Obama and Sebelius maintain ANY OVERSIGHT during the three-year period? 

Or did they shrug it off as an insignificant and trifling detail – best left for minions?

 Was their PLAN all along that the website would FAIL – leading to the ‘necessity’ of a ‘single-payer federal medical care program’?

Was Michelle Obama key in the selection of CGI?  How much influence does she exert on Obama’s decisions?$1500 to Obama
Will die-hard Democrats [aka Socialists] take an absolutist approach and say that it’s worth you making yourself vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves – so poor people can have quality health care? 

Will they accept and gloss over gross incompetence by ‘their first Black president’ – as the price for finally having a Black president?

Toni Gives To Obama

Toni McCall Townes-Whitley is a woman of some mystery.  She went to Africa with the Peace Corps after college,  got married and had kids,  – dropped out of the work force,  – got divorced and returned to work,  – is / was active in Fairfax County government. 

But other than skin color and being a classmate of Michelle Obama,…I could find no qualifications or background in Computer Science,  Software Engineering,  Web Development,  Systems Engineering,  – or even management of multi-million dollar projects.  So what exactly are her qualifications?

Toni McCall 
What did she do to rise from IT Consultant to Vice President? 25 Jan 2010

If all this has you wondering about how the Obama Cartel works when the cameras aren’t there – fathom this:

On May 9th 2013, CGI Federal won a contract from HUD to administer $1.7 Billion in Hurricane Sandy relief funds… Ask the folks down on the Jersey shore if they’ve seen that money yet…

Hurricane Sandy

3 Responses to “Toni, Michelle, & The ObamaCare Website”

  1. Tom

    As I have been saying for years, “there are no coincidences”. This is all of the grand plan to bilk the tax payers, destroy the Republic and implement single payer while destroying the health insurance industry. The Moonbat Kool-Aid drinkers will remain silent as usual until they too become adversely effected.

  2. Casey Chapman

    In 2012, even if the people at Google would not admit it at the time, they already had close ties with the current regime. I quit using Google for anything other than directions to places, a long time ago. The only reason I use it for that, is that it’s the most convenient. I won’t say the most accurate, as it has steered me wrong a couple of times. I always double check it with my street map.

  3. Selena Townes

    It’s completely inappropriate to list someone address on the website. Please remove this immediately its a matter of privacy and safety.


    Sorry Selena,

    We’re really glad you clicked into RRB, but you’re 17 months LATE to this story…

    Your mother got wealthy ripping off the taxpayers of this country – while delivering a SHITTY website. Talk to HER about putting people at risk and compromising their privacy.

    BTW, – it takes only seconds to find your picture on the internet, – third from left – the only one wearing slacks. Townes

    Since you seem ignorant of election laws – you should know that anybody can find that info we posted – it is considered PUBLIC INFORMATION. It does NOT show your street address, – but that’s also easy to find.

    Grow up, STOP playing the ‘victim card’, – and think about what’s best for your country.

    The time you just wasted sniveling here – COULD have been spent urging your mother’s friend Obama to come up with a robust plan to defeat ISIS, – and deal with the Chinese in the Spratlys….

    /s/ Iron Mike
    Sunday, 24 May 2015