Tom Weaver Announces His Challenge to Niki Tsongas

Posted February 24th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein


 As Congressman, Weaver’s Priorities would focus on Job Creation and Lower Taxes, National Security, Veterans’ Services and to Curb Federal Spending

 February 22, 2012 — Westford, MA —

 Calling for a new era of responsibility in Washington, former Navy officer, small business owner and pro veterans’ issues advocate, Republican Tom Weaver officially announced his bid to become the next representative in Massachusetts’ 3rd district today.

 “Our business owners are suffocating, taxes and fuel prices continue to rise, conflicts around the world are being fueled by broken foreign policy, Veterans care is slipping and Congressional spending and political gridlock is at an all-time high,” said Tom Weaver, Republican candidate for Massachusetts’s 3rd District. “Professional politicians are out of control and the time has come to purge the system of Washington insiders who continue to scratch the backs of their cronies. It is unacceptable how big government is recklessly running our lives and jeopardizing the future of our children.”

 Throughout his career Weaver has dedicated and committed his life to helping those around him. Weaver, who served as a Navy officer and nuclear engineer, has been creating jobs in the private sector since 1979 – first as an employee and then as an employer. He also volunteers his time to Veterans’ groups and civic organizations such as the Boy Scouts.

 Most recently, Weaver, as co-founder, has been a driving force for the “Show ID to Vote” campaign, a national movement to establish voter ID requirements.

 “I’m not announcing because I think it’s my turn; I’m running for Congress because the 3rd District needs representation that puts words to action and helps our hard-working citizens,” added Weaver. “I’m running because we need to get back to what made America great. Representation should work for the people and adhere to the foundations of freedom this country was founded upon.”

 While kicking off his campaign, Weaver stressed his commitment to the people of the Massachusetts 3rd District and to the values of honesty, hard work and integrity which he lives each day.

 “I’m looking forward to a candid conversation over the next few months about the current state of our country and our district and to highlight my plans for more jobs and economic growth, entrepreneurial prosperity, national security, less government intrusion and providing the quality care our veterans and elderly deserve,” added Weaver.

 Tom Weaver, who has resided in Massachusetts since 1979, was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in the class of 1974 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He obtained a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1982. A certified Naval Chief Nuclear Engineer, Weaver served as a Navigator on the USS Texas, CGN 39 and as an electrical Officer on the USS Virginia, CGN 38, both Guided Missile Nuclear Powered Cruisers.

 Weaver is the founder, current president and CEO of DTW Systems, an industrial water treatment company, which designs, develops, and installs custom treatment systems for various industries.  He formerly served as the vice president of engineering of MEMTEK, Water Treatment; as a systems manager for robotics and vision systems at Automatic, and as a project manager for engine development at General Electric.

 An Eagle Scout, Weaver is married with 6 children and resides in Westford, Massachusetts.

One Response to “Tom Weaver Announces His Challenge to Niki Tsongas”

  1. Dale E Brown

    My best to my old shipmate but I won’t be able to support Tom. No, I’m not running against him this time. I am giving up my Mass voter registration. I’ve had enough NE. Have spent one third of my life in New England (ME,CT,RI,MA) and I’m missing my p[gs, cornfields and bass fishin’. The second district back home needs straightened out (a man that wants to work still can, though)and old Tom Harkin’s Senate seat expires in 2 years if there is still a Senate. I want to wish y’all fair winds an following seas.