Tom Perez’s Year-Long Political Nightmare

Posted December 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

He was supposed to rebuild the DNC after the 2016 Hillary / Donna Brazil / Wasserman-Schultz debacle.  He’s failed miserably!  The Squad has driven Democrat presidential wannabes (at least 2 dozen of them) to the extreme loony left, – while Billionaire white guys are trying to buy their way into the White House.

There are the specters of Hillary,…Bill,…the death of Epstein,  the Obamas, – and the Impeachment “Because we Hate Him”…   All year an improving economy under the Trump tax and regulation cuts, have lifetime Democrats walking away.

The frenzied House Impeachment of Trump – done despite compelling evidence that the president had committed no crime, – and certainly no ‘treason’,  – has served to polarize Democrats – forcing many wannabes into supporting impeachment against their better judgments…

And the public watches them cowing to the demands of the Loony Squad…and sees them as spineless toadies… And that includes Speaker Pelosi.

Who is running the House of Representatives…?

To the amazement of Perez,  candidates who promise FREE HEALTH CARE for ALL (including for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS) aren’t gathering as many followers as Bernie had in 2016.  Have young Democrats begun to run the numbers…?

It’s time for Lifelong Democrats to JUST WALK AWAY!

2 Responses to “Tom Perez’s Year-Long Political Nightmare”

  1. Sherox

    I am still trying to find in the Constitution where it says that healthcare is a right.

    Only the Democrats (on both sides of the aisle) could find non-existent rights in the Constitution and not see those that are clearly articulated therein.

  2. Walter Knight

    Perez’s goal is to change the face of the Democrat Party. It’s been way too white. He wants Pelosi out.