Tom Carper’s Puke-Worthy Hillary Intro

Posted April 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

CAUTION: PAINFUL!  Sick left-wing Hillary suck-up ruins a classic disco-era song….

US Senator from Delaware – Tom Carper – attempts music and humor to introduce Crooked Hillary in Wilmington….
The real deal below the fold.

Donna died too young – May 17th, 2012,  and would have puked herself to hear Carper ruin her song…

This was Donna performing in Yokohama, Japan back in 1991…..

If Hillary actually worked hard for her money – it would be one thing,…

…but she was being paid a minimum of $150K per speech – up to $335K per speech – each less than an hour long….plus her travel expenses – which includes Secret Service Detail accommodations.


In the end, we taxpayers and consumers pay for all of it,….Hillary doesn’t even write her own material….

Right now she’s workin’ hard to avoid sitting down with the FBI!

One Response to “Tom Carper’s Puke-Worthy Hillary Intro”

  1. Hawk1776

    Looking for a puke bucket. Is this guy really a United States Senator?