Toledo, Ohio: Trump’s Rally

Posted January 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

It was cold,  overcast,  and windy, – and some of our fellow citizens waited over 24 hours on the sidewalks to get in to the Huntington Arena. 
Photos and video:  

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Yes, of course there were protestersthere always will be

As he always does, Trump had some fun mocking both the fake media and the impeachment-crazed Dems in Congress, – including Pelosi and Schiff…


Folks,  I remember the sense of calm and relief I felt back when Reagan took office after that miserable inept fool Carter,  – and we got our people back from Iran.

Now,  less than three (3) years into Trump’s first term,  – after those horrible 8 years under the stealth Muslim Obama,…we are watching America come alive again as it hasn’t been since perhaps 1945….

We MUST give this President a Republican Congress in 2021 so he is free to continue rebuilding our Nation to its full potential… 

One Response to “Toledo, Ohio: Trump’s Rally”

  1. Sherox

    Yes, we do! That means each and every one of us must do everything we can to keep out and defeat the fake Trumpers in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They have infiltrated deep within and will set up Trump for failure.