Todd Akin’s Double Standard Squeeze

Posted August 21st, 2012 by Iron Mike

Missouri Rep Todd Akin just won a 3-way primary race. Now Republicans nationwide are pressuring him to quit. I see a horrible double standard.

OK, he made an incredibly stupid remark about rape and pregnancy. At worst it revealed a lack of knowledge about the subject. It did not show insensitivity toward women who are raped, – it showed subject-matter ignorance. Hardly a crime.

Let’s compare and contrast: Studds, Frank, Kennedy, McCaskill, Biden, and Obama.

Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds, from the Massachusetts 10th District – RAPED an underage male page in his office in 1983. Re-elected many times.

Democrat Congressman Barney Frank, from the Massachusetts 4th District was a co-conspirator to a male call-boy service run out of his DC apartment by his gay lover Stephen Gobie. Frank was re-elected many times.

Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy killed a female intern [probably pregnant by him] Mary Jo Kopechne, – by driving her off a bridge to Chappaquiddick. He got a finger slap for having an expired driver’s license, and was re-elected many times.

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill – the incumbent – forgot to pay property tax on her AIRPLANE. Blunder?

Democrat Vice President Joe Biden [aka the National Village Idiot] just last week told a heavily Black audience that the Romney-Ryan budget plan would ‘put them back in chains‘. He is still on the ticket.

Democrat President Barack Obama has YET TO PRODUCE a valid birth certificate, school records, grades, law school papers, or the passport he used to travel to Pakistan.

There is enough doubt about his past life that many doubt he is a valid American Citizen.

He may have authorized the leaks of a number of highly classified military secrets – jeopardizing both US and Israeli security. Yet he is STILL on the 2012 ticket.

Republican Congressman Todd Akin – makes ONE (1) SINGLE STUPID REMARK – after over 23 years of worthy public service – and jittery Republicans want to toss him under the bus?

Is this a double standard?

Does a stupid ill-informed remark about rape in any way equate to actually raping a teenage page?

Does it in ANY WAY equal the murder of Mary Jo?

Republicans better get a grip.

American women are not going to desert our party over one stupid remark.

I’m sure by now Mister Akin has had time to learn EVERYTHING he’ll ever need to know about how women become pregnant, – and about the lifelong lingering traumas of rape. He may be a better and more sensitive senator for it.

And he is the ONLY Republican in Missouri with a chance to beat McCaskill!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. nick

    Mark Levin Attacks RINOs For Attempting To Bum-Rush True Conservative Todd Akin Out of the Party

    No, exactly the opposite.