Today’s Word: Dawood

Posted July 25th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Dawood Military Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan – funded by us, run very corruptly by the Afghans [they steal everything] – and covered up by LTG William Caldwell – who didn’t want any bad news to rock the 2010 midterms.

Dumb f’king move General. Now you’ll likely pay with your stars, your reputation, and a hefty chunk of your retirement. You don’t think Obama is going to cover your ass, do you? Worse, because this involves corruption and cover-up in Afghanistan, the left-wing media is apt to give it a lot of press.

The basic story is that our money and supplies were pouring through this hospital at a very high rate, and Caldwell was pressuring junior officers sent to investigate – to play down the problem – because it was election time back home.

Now two Colonels who were there (Dr.) Schuyler Geller – USAF, and Gerald Carozza – US Army, are blowing the whistle. They will testify to Congress that Caldwell put the lid on the investigation – into conditions so bad that Afghan Army solders were dying of starvation, and easily treatable infections, – in the hospital.

General, I’d hate to prejudge you, but,…if there is even a shred of truth to this story, and you covered up Afghans starving to death…please do us all a favor and rip that Ranger Tab off your uniforms – tonight!

I’m just sorry that Geller and Carozza had to retire before they felt safe in bring their charges.

Enjoy your well-earned spotlight General!

 /s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Personal note Folks; – it took a full 20 years for the US Army to recover our reputation and the trust of our civilian population after the cover-up of the Mai Lai Massacre. A full generation of American soldiers lived under that cloud. You think I’m angry?


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    OK, I can not remain silent on this topic. Last year, September 3, 2011, the Wall Street Journal did a story on this hospital. They published pictures of wounded people with bed sores, dirty bandages and ribs sticking out because they had not been fed. In some cases not been fed for weeks. Family members sold everything they had to bribe the nurses and doctors to care for their family member and give them food.

    Three years ago there was an article showing Laura Bush bringing large hospital equipment to Afghanistan. Within a year that equipment, MRIs, etc. were not functioning. Do these people not understand how to use the equipment, even after they were trained? Do they not understand that first you do no harm?

  2. Jim Buba

    I know well how to live under the pall, the consequence of actions of others not remembering the one keyword in terms of military echelon.


    When the actions of a field commander are measured against following orders without consultation or self-inspection for the keyword, they are often more deadly than the courts martial invited by refusal.

    The rules change on the battlefield, but that doesn’t stop the media from undressing the players for political gain. It is often those in the media who have no children or have never served, trained or fought who have the biggest mouths and the sharpest tongue.

    VAVARA’s innocence is noted. The answer is no. The worst thing you could do is give a starving man food. What they want is money to buy guns to teach the S.O.B. that is responsible for making them starve and suffer a lesson they will not soon forget.