Today’s Not-Trump Opioid: Oprah Winfrey

Posted January 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

One speech at the Globies and suddenly the MEDIA has found their 2020 anti-Trump candidate.   They’re still obsessed with a “First Woman President”,  – and with the fat lady they get a 2-fer,  – 1st Woman & 1st Black Woman….

Throughout all of 2016 the Media kept harping on the fact that Candidate Trump had
“No Experience”,  – despite his having done business world-wide.  Suddenly they’ll dismiss “No Experience”,  – if they have a viable anti-Trump candidate.

As the Media replays their “First Woman President” game today,  don’t let them play you for a sucker.   Once again they haven’t done their research.

The PROBLEM for a future Candidate Winfrey – is the endless library of old video – including this one where she callously equates her dead baby to “a Second Chance”.

As heartbreaking and tragic as a pregnant 14-year old poor Black girl is,

– – a DEAD BABY is NOT a ‘second chance’.

If Hillary had picked Oprah in 2016,  – instead of Tiny Timmy,  – she’d be in the White House now,  – and dozens of annoying witnesses would have died in “tragic accidents”….

.and Loretta Lynch would already be sitting on the Supreme Court!

Or is the former First Lady of Arkansas – born in Chicago – really a racist?   All we can say today is “Thank You Dear God!”

Here is a clip of Oprah interviewing Trump in 1988:

In drafting this entry – the one piece of video I COULDN’T find is one of Oprah telling young girls not to get pregnant and to stay in high school.   Platform squandered?

I also couldn’t find anything where Oprah demands border control,  – where she explains that for every illegal Mexican working here,  – a young Black person DOESN’T GET A JOB.

But I found THIS – where she deflects from 9/11 and the Las Vegas massacre to praising Ellen.  How very weird…

And then there is THIS…..

4 Responses to “Today’s Not-Trump Opioid: Oprah Winfrey”

  1. Varvara

    Oprah for Pres! NEVER!!!

  2. Walter Knight

    Oprah Winfrey looks very smart and presidential in those think-rimmed glasses. She needs to be rolled back into the ocean.

  3. Kojack

    I have no doubt that “The Oprah”(as Rush calls her) could beat out the VILLGAE IDIOT and LIE-A-WATHA in the DEMOCRAP primary, but Trump will slaughter her in the general.

  4. Panther 6

    The woman is a walking disaster – she would get creamed in the lead up to an election in debate and if she could become the nominee she would never be elected.