Today’s Joke: Kerry 2020!

Posted January 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike


3 Responses to “Today’s Joke: Kerry 2020!”

  1. Mt Woman

    I wish he would swift boat himself on to the Isabella and float away into the sunset, never to be heard from or seen again. Bye bye Kerry!

  2. Ron Motta

    This is the same “Honest John” that pretended he was of Irish descent at the many St. Patrick’s Day fests that he would attend. Then someone actually checked out his lineage…which was primarily French among other things..but NOT a single drop of blood from the “old sod”. When confronted, the make believe “JFK” simply said that “I never claimed to be Irish….people assumed that I was”. A complete flim-flam man who might have been president!!

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I just can’t believe this clown actually would do or say these things, even with his giant ego, suspicious war record and phony Irish heritage. However, having said this, bring him on….

    George W. Bush (whom Kerry called a moron even though reports say Bush had a higher IQ and Yale GPA than he….) was a gentleman who waged an honorable campaign and won the presidency by four million popular and 18 electoral votes. All the crazies on the Left Coast, the Great Lakes and New England didn’t matter. The American Heartland spoke, just as it did on November 8, 2016….

    Can you imagine the Ketchup Man, who, incidentaly, also seems to have a penchant for marrying millionaire women, and divorcibg one and receiving alimony, going up against a rough and tumble President Trump?

    I can see it now: “Hey Ketchup Man, howsabout showing us the bullet holes or stitch lines that presented you with three Purple Hearts? Oh, that’s right, self-inflicted scratches don’t leave holes or scars. And what about that Bronze Star/V and Silver Star? Who REALLY wrote those award recommendations? But let’s also take a critical look here: A Silver Star, a Bronze Star/V and three Purple Hearts for a Naval Swiftboat commander on a Mekong Delta river, all within 90 days. That’s Audie Murphy-ish…if it’s truly legitimate.”…..

    Even a blind person would see this coming, but maybe not one with an ego the size of Kerry’s….

    Now, before any Lefties who read this post decide to jump me, I concede that Trump didn’t even serve in the military, but neither did the Halfrican-American moron who preceded Trump nor his equally moronic VP! And neither did the philandering spouse of the 2016 Democrat Darling who went down 304 to 227….

    A Trump vs Kerry campaign would be even more fun than a Trump vs Warren, or Trump vs Harris, or a Trump vs Booker, or a Trump vs Sanders campaign…..

    Bring it on.