Today is NOT a ‘Holiday’ America!

Posted May 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

not a holiday
        Killed: 1,321,612     Wounded: 1,531,036        Missing: 38,159
These Americans – from the Lexington Green to Kandahar – did NOT die so that future generations would live under socialism and government control.

2 Responses to “Today is NOT a ‘Holiday’ America!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    These died that we may live. Under freedom. Not so Beverly could cancel its Memorial Day parade as they did. For a flimsy excuse. After having a parade for an American Idol contestant, for Christ’s sake. It really makes you wonder where peoples’ priorities lie.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    My wife and I joined a few hundred voulnteers at the
    National Cemetery in Bourne, MA on Saturday, where we
    placed flags on the 57,200 graves. Thankfully the rain
    held off long enough for the flags to be placed.

    This Sunday we will return to pull the flags, bundle them up
    and store them, and do it all over again on Veterans Day.
    A few hours of time to honor those who served is time well
    spent. They told us the cemetery averages 100 burials
    a month
    . Very sobering.


    TY Paul, and thank the Mrs. too!