Today Feels Like Back In Vietnam…..

Posted November 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

We vote tomorrow;  – will my country live or die?   Today my stomach and chest are feeling just like those days back 44 years ago,  – loading up for a mission, – knowing the outcome might well be death.
This election has been 8 long years in the making;  – it shouldn’t even be close.   But there are so many stupid people,  so many greedy people,  and so many dependent people that we might lose;  – lose our freedom,  our country,…our whole future.

Looking back,  neither McCain or Romney were worthy Republicans or particularly good candidates. McCain was just ~ a little ~ nuts,  but would have made a good President,…then.

Romney never stopped rubbing MORMON in our faces,…and never stopped being the elitist.  This year we’ve seen his true colors – a self-absorbed RiNO, – as is McCain.


By contrast,  Donald Trump may be the most down-to-earth Republican we’ve had run since Gerald Ford,  and the only thing the Democrats could conjure up against him is that he once said ‘Pussy’….

I have to wonder how many of these sanctimonious ‘super-puritan hypocrites’ ever went to a bachelor party – or a strip joint in college…?

But it doesn’t matter,  – since the cornerstone of the Democrat Party is hypocrisy,  – and illicit sex – often with minors.


Imagine the irony – Bill Clinton was impeached over his sexual predation of a 22-year old unpaid White House volunteer.  His DNA (i.e. his sperm) was found on her dress,  – he lied under oath,…and yet Democrats want him back in the White House,  – even as he is clearly dying of Aids…. Mind-blowing!

The REAL Hillary

The teenage Pathfinders I led in Vietnam in ’72 were the smartest,  bravest,  and funniest young troops America ever sent to war.


On a daily basis they took incredible risks without ever thinking about it.  They endured long boring days,  – days of bone-numbing hard work,  – and constant danger;  – and they always had to be fully alert and fully ready.

And I was wicked hard on them – holding them to the absolute highest of Airborne Standards.  Being ‘good’ was a failing grade,….I demanded perfection,…and they produced it!

Those who refused to shape up – I sent back to the states – and quickly being sent home became a mark of disgrace.

Then as I knew it would, – the shit really hit the fan.  The North Vietnamese invaded in force.

I wasn’t too afraid for myself,  – but nagging inside me was the fear that I hadn’t taught these kids everything they’d need,  – that I might have been less than thorough….

Those kids were magnificent – and damn near fearless!


As the Cav was getting smaller by the day,  – I watched 19-year old Corporals – kids with less than 18 months in the Army,  – plan and lead missions that would normally have been led by seasoned senior NCOs….

God was with them;  – a few got minor nicks,  – but they all came home alive!

There is no logical reason for any of us to be alive….so many were killed around us.

24 short hours from now I will have cast my vote.  With luck we’ll have final results by Wednesday morning,…and be breathing easier for the first time in 8 years….

…or….we’ll be wondering what the fuck happened to our country,  and wondering why 1,300,000 Americans died in combat so that in 2016 – a crook could be elected….

…8 years of the Clintons,…8 years of the Obamas,…haven’t we suffered enough?

Dear God,  please – forgive our sins,  – vanquish this treasonous she-devil,  – and save Christianity and our Nation tomorrow!

And if it please you Lord – take this weight off my chest….

.vindicate these guys…..

Benghazi Dead

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  2. Kojack

    I’m with you, Mike. My thoughts have been similar for the past couple of days…..the sacrifices made for our Republic from the beginning. I pray it doesn’t end up being all for not. With any luck and a little help from providence the Kardashian crowd will get too distracted/discouraged to go to the polls to cast their votes for ALICE CAPONE.

  3. Tim Roesch


  4. Catherine

    Amen, Mike.

  5. Leonard Mead

    If Trump wins, you’ve been a significant factor. Thanks Mike, God Bless.
    Len Mead

  6. Mt Woman

    God Bless all for the supreme sacrifice of placing oneself in harms way to fight to protect and preserve our free Nation. Please Lord, don’t let this country be lost to the sharp tongues of liars and thieves. The good and hard working people that have made America great deserve better.

  7. Panther 6

    Amen and God Bless the men and women who keep this nation free.