Today Could Be SO Much Worse….

Posted January 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

In these final hours – let us reflect:  Thank GOD that Hillary lost in 2016,  – or we might be seeing her re-inauguration today,  – and we would have never have seen the economic miracles and diplomatic wonders Trump brought to us and the world…

To be clear,  Crooked China Joe was just as much a part of the inner workings of the Obama Treason Cartel as was Crooked Hillary.   He knew about the arming of ISIS,  – the overthrow of the elected Muslim leaders,  – the cover-up of the Benghazi Massacre, ...AND the phony Russian Golden Showers Dossier paid for by Hillary.   Imagine who Hillary would have named to the Court!

At any time during Trump’s first 2 years he could have spoken up and told the world it was all just a treasonous hoax.

But he followed Hillary’s lead – and remained silent,  – allowing our nation to writhe in unnecessary turmoil.

Now about to become POTUS #46 – only as a result of massive ballot fraud, – he and the entire left-wing Democrat machine in DC are fearful of “right-wing retribution”.

They literally expect Trump Supporters to come storm the Capitol and shoot Biden and other Democrats.   So they’ve brought in the Guard to shoot the Trump Supporters.    Anybody see any reconciliation here? 

They are in fact SO FEARFUL of being personally harmed by outraged Trump supporters that they’ve activated 25,000 National Guardsmen (carefully from all 50 states) to keep them safe from the invisible hordes of Republicans.

Do you ~ think ~ that their FEAR is being fanned and magnified by their GUILT?   Are they the epitome of SORE WINNERS?

I made my new mask last night.   I start wearing it today!

Today starts the 3rd Obama Term.  Same communist team,  same anti-American policies.

I expect Obama to become a weekly fixture in the Biden WH,  – but at least today Hillary is just a spectator,  and Bill Clinton will have to look elsewhere for young girls to seduce…

Dear God,  please help and protect our Young Republic!

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