Tito Jackson’s Bad Timing Problem

Posted July 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Even for the standard non-thinking Boston Democrat – replacing the inept Mayor Walsh and his Garden Gnome Police Commissioner is a no-brainer.

But after 8 long years of Deval Patrick and 8 torturous years of Barack Obama,  – how does any Black man convince voters he is anything but another AA/EEO token demanding “his turn”?   Time is short and it doesn’t look like Tito has a plan….
HINT Tito:  Just putting a Black Face on Democrat Politics in Boston isn’t enough to fix the streets or stop the embedded corruption and the gang violence.   Are you willing to tackle the teacher unions and help Trump clean out the illegals?

One Response to “Tito Jackson’s Bad Timing Problem”

  1. Zonny's Mom

    Another do-nothing… but wow! he has his own theme song.