Tired Of Spineless MassHole Judges?

Posted July 31st, 2018 by Iron Mike

Learn about the career LibTurds who inhabit the Governor’s Council – the body that confirms judges in MassHole.

They’re EACH up for re-election every 2 years,  – but some have been there nearly forever – and THEY are the ones blocking good judges.

Maybe they’re not ~ ALL ~ bad; – there is a lone Republican – a former prosecutor.

But there’s also a criminal defense lawyer,  a slip-and-fall lawyer,  an 82 year old lifelong politician,  a dwarf gay activist,  and an ex-mayor.

But no crime VICTIMS sit on the Council,…and of late the LtGovernor “Arm Candy” Polito – has been ineffective in getting conservative – or even moderate judges through the council.

The activists hold out for PRO-abortion,  PRO-weed,  PRO-LGBT,  PRO-illegal,  ANTI-gun,  and ANTI-Death Penalty judges.   

In other words, – they want ooey-gooey in black robes dispensing FAKE JUSTICE.

And the clock is ticking away until our next mass murder – like Edgewater Technology, – and some ooey-gooey judge decides the defendant is really “just a mental case” – and sends him to Bridgewater….

Remember, these people have to run EVERY TWO YEARS!

Sadly, in MassHole,  Democrats vote by name recognition…

3 Responses to “Tired Of Spineless MassHole Judges?”

  1. Kojack

    They’re effectively unaccountable as THEY KNOW HOW UTTERLY STUPID AND GULLIBLE THE MASS-HOLES ARE. They only have to make the correct emotional statements and they won’t have to answer for ANYTHING.

  2. Catherine

    Sounds like good people could register as dhimmis and run – then work to confirm REAL judges. All you need is a stomach strong enough to sign up under “D” at city hall.

  3. Catherine

    People in MA District 3 can write in Aaron Hutchins for Governor’s Council. Write-in only; they disqualified enough signatures that he missed by eleven.

    District 3 if (very roughly) northwestern metro-west. Belmont-Waltham up to Shirley-Boxborough. Look for your town on his site:
    http://www.Hutchins2018.com and the campaign will even send you stickers for your ballot.