Tiny AA/EEO Salem Cop Loses An Ear

Posted August 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Once again Affirmative Action has resulted in a preventable disfigurement.   Salem’s tiny new female cop Jessica Rondinelli just had a big chunk of her ear bitten off by a 19-year old perp – as the smurfette copette was attempting to load the subject into her patrol car.
Munchkin Smurf Jesseca Rondinelli

Wanna see who did it?

Salem PD

Meet 19-year old Marblehead grad Emma Wiley – clearly a wild child.

Emma Wiley bites off ears

We have to ask,  – would she have dared try that stunt with a regular-sized male officer?  Officer Rondinelli is still in training,  having transferred from the Endicott College campus police force,  – the group photo above was taken in 2015.

NO Officer Rondinelli, – you were NEVER a ‘police officer’!

You were a sick liberal joke in a cop suit,  – taking up a spot that should have been given to a full-sized man, ~ maybe ~ a full-sized woman.

You’ve just proven you are physically unable to protect the public – even from 19-year old girls.

I don’t CARE if you always wanted to be a cop,  – you just ain’t big enoughyou ain’t woman enough,  – and you’ve been putting the real cops in danger.

Resign.  Be a crossing guard or a meter maid,…something you can handle….

And since the docs weren’t able to reattach the chunk,…grow you hair out to cover the stub.

Folks, we’re living in a era where AA / EEO and good intentions are putting us all in danger.

A soldier, a fireman, a cop MUST meet reasonable job-related minimum standards,  – or lives are at risk.  For a cop in America today – every shift,  every call,  every traffic stop comes with the chance of being attacked.

Salem’s little bespectacled munchkin,  – however well-intended and however cute in her police uniform, – wasn’t able to do the job.

And Salem’s new police chief – Mary Butler – is also a FAILURE!

Salem Chief Mary Butler

Smurf CopIf Butler had a shred of common sense,  – she’d never hired a smurf to do a man’s job.  Rondinelli could have easily been disarmed,  – and shot with her own gun.

Chief Butler – the mantle of command comes with responsibility – 24 x 7 x 365.  It’s not just signing papers and posing for photo-ops.  You blew it big time.

If you’d hoped to have ‘made a statement’ by hiring Rondinelli, – you did.

You proved your judgment is badly flawed,  – that you were thinking about AA/EEO numbers,  and not what’s best for your department.

Now your munchkin smurf will spend the rest of her life disfigured!

Salem MA Chief Mary Butler

Does Chief Butler have a weak spot for undersized female cops?


Salem MA Cops


UPDATE:   Wed 7 Sept 2016   As near as I can tell, Ms. Wiley is still locked up,…and not very happy about it.

Emma Wiley Jail scary

Mini-Copette Rondinelli has still not returned to work,  but is suing Wiley and the Tavern for (1). serving an under-age patron,  and (2). continuing to serve a patron already drunk.

Monday, 10 Oct 2016   ANOTHER AA/EEO Failure!

We are saddened to report that outside a county jail in Kansas,  a female deputy was kidnapped and raped.  Luckily the perp only wanted sex;  – he let her go….but it could have ended far differently.






9 Nov 2016    Salem Officer Brian Butler – age 56 (husband of the Chief) has been arrested for raping a naked male prisoner in his cell on Halloween. The victim was naked because his clothes were being dried – from a wild drunken Halloween party…..


This is the SECOND RAPE by a SALEM COP:
In June 2012,   Lt Matthew Desmond raped a neighbor girl (forced digital penetration) in his home.

UPDATE:   11 Nov 2016   Brian Butler reigned.

UPDATE:   Tues 14 Mar 2016   Justice crawls slowly.  The Tavern on the Square just got hit with a 30 suspension of their liquor license (3 prior incidents counted) for serving underage drinkers – including 19-yr old ear biter Emma Wiley.

This ‘action’ only took 7 months…..but is ‘being held in abeyance’ – so the Tavern can explore their rights of appeal….

UPDATE:  Wed 20 June 2018   Jury selection is underway in Salem in the rape trial of former Police Officer Brian Butler – who is also being divorced by Salem’s overweight police chief – Mary Butler.  Brian raped a drunk man age 20 – who was sleeping it off in the city lock-up.


18 Responses to “Tiny AA/EEO Salem Cop Loses An Ear”

  1. Cicero

    A complicated job requires more than one tool. You’d never use a hammer to change a tire, then why are you advocating for a thug squad of police officers? You come off extremely sexist, and ignorant of what police work actually is. It’s a good thing your 1997 style blog looks as ridiculous as the slanderous and backwards ideas that it contains. Seriously, did you use Netscape navigator to design this thing? Do you realize that you sound like a butt hurt 9 year old that just got his G.I. Joes stolen from him by the big girl at lunch. Do you ever do anything constructive for society, or do you just constantly whine because your life turned out to be a pathetic and sad exercise in lonely and bigoted masturbation?

    Later dude.
    Hope you write some more unintentional comedy.
    Ah Cicero, can you lend her your ear?

    And perhaps explain your viewpoint as a seasoned working police officer in a medium-to-large American city?

  2. Jim

    Jobs that involve public safety should never compromise their selection principles. The same is true in instances where previously fit officers are no longer able to discharge their duties effectively.

  3. Panther 6

    Cicero got it wrong. There are places for gals in police, the military and the fire dept but one does need to adhere to standards and regard for safely of all.

    Wonder if Cicero ever carried a ruck up the hills of NAM, IRAQ or A’Stan

  4. Sherox

    There should be a one size fits all policy for all individuals. If women are supposed to be equal to men & vice versa, then one size fits all requirements are in order for actual equality. If a man or a woman cannot make the one size fits all standard then that person should not be hired. After all, it is equality that we are after.

  5. Vic

    True story – used to know a girl who went to work for the prison system – wound up as a guard at Walpole State. She was maybe 110lb soaking wet, and got beat up really bad by some big inmate. On painkillers after that, and was never right again.

  6. Mt Woman

    Oh Cicero, only you could understand my plight: In the worst way I wanted to be a ballerina but the Bolshoi had discrimination policies in place. They expected their dancers to have: 1) Grace; 2) Poise 3) could dance and had rhythm; 4) had both a right and left foot (rather than my 2 left feet) 5) had to be svelte and fit, not stocky and out of shape; 6) had to be lovely with a long swan-like neck, no turkey neck. My bubble was burst based on their arbitrary criteria.

  7. Kojack

    I get the impression that Cicero shares Barbara Boxhead’s view that the military is a great place for social engineering….lives endangered or not. After all women and men are equal, that’s why we have all female teams in the NFL playing against the all male teams. Right, Cicero?

  8. Cicero

    Yes, I have served my country in both Afghanistan and Iraq. As well as on the southern border in Operation Jump start. I was also a police officer for two years. I attended night school and got my degree in geology. I now serve my country in the USGS. So yes I have paid my dues. I know what I was getting into when I volunteered to serve. So did this young woman. Calling her names, and declaring her unfit is disgraceful and childish. She passed the police standards testing, and that is enough. I will hear no more of this from a group of washed up has berms who think serving in the military gives you some right to insult people for trying to serve their community. I served and so did you. So what! It’s all for nothing if you carry on like blathering idiot and disgrace yourself with unprofessional conduct and comments. Sure, you have s right to free speech, and we all have a right to see through your childish and ignorant behavior.


    Welcome back Cicero, and we happily note that this time you’re not using your government computer to troll the internet.

    Perhaps you consider yourself one of our 21st Century socially enlightened soldiers….and if you actually served – and deployed, – we thank you.

    But you do come across as a rather pussified fellow, – in case you hadn’t been told that before. Maybe you’re one of Obama’s new ‘Special Troops’…?

    The issue with Officer Rondinelli – as with NH State Trooper Michelle Montville back in April [google it] is that they are TOO SMALL and TOO WEAK to face the dangers common to police work.

    “Standards” have been modified [lowered] or ignored to let these little darlings serve, – and it puts the rest of the force – and us – at risk.

    IF you were in the military – you are familiar with the issued sidearm, the Beretta 9mm. It was adopted during the Clinton years because small women couldn’t safely fire the 1911 .45.

    So EVERYBODY got an underpowered handgun – with the SAME RESULTS our Army experienced in the Philippines over 100 years ago, – small bullets won’t stop charging Muslims.


    So come back often – on your OWN time – and on your OWN computer. Regular RRB readers need to see visible reminders of the cult of insanity that lurks in the ranks of our career government employees.

    BTW, where were you a cop, Mayberry…?
    Officer Cicero

  9. Cicero

    I have served with many honorable and wonderful people, but this iron mike troglodyte reminds me of those other duffle bags I served with. The ones the finally made e5 after only 25 years. The ones with big mouths and short ribbon racks. Insulting a cop for doing her job? Are you kidding me?

  10. Cicero

    Here we go, you take the high road and call me a pussy? Really? Well at least I don’t have to defend myself from a well reasoned intellectual argument. I went to the academy with Michelle Montville. You know nothing about her. She is quite able to defend herself. You seem to think physical violence is the only way to solve a problem. Something id expect from caveman like yourself.

    So by your blinding logic, the man who can do only 55 push-ups is endangering the men who can do 85? Even though they both passed the test? How about the man who shot 30/45? Is he also endangering the men who shot 45/45? Is the police force a battle ground? I suppose you tell the other alcoholics at the legion hall that you maxed the PT with ease. Isn’t that where you got your nick name? At the chin up bar, and not on the battlefield?

    I’d love to indulge you in more opportunities to call me names and toss aside logical arguments for emotional appeals to the good old days, but I stopped having fights on the playground 35 years ago. But keep up the blog, at least it lets us know who the nut jobs in our community are. Happy hysterics!

  11. Cicero

    Oh and by the way, the 1911 is an antiquated piece of shit. Get with the times. The HK .45 blows it away. The 1911 is a decorative weapon for a decorative man.

  12. Cicero

    Small bullets won’t stop charging Muslims? Lol. How about well reasoned logical arguments won’t stop fanatical ideologues. You know, just like you. See you’ve got a lot more in common with Islam than you thought. But by all means continue to extol the virtues of yelling at an injured female police officer.


    Gee, you just spent 35 minutes on RRB, – and wrote this…?

    Your sudden fixation is ‘interesting’,….we begin to understand why you’re no longer in law enforcement. Too opinionated, – too strident, no temperament for being a good cop? Other cops couldn’t stand you…?

    Tell us,…are you also a stubby undersized person – like Officer Rondinelli? Is that why you’re so quick to defend the dear little smurfette?

  13. Cicero

    You can count, amazing! If everyone took a few minutes out of their day to call out a bullshit artist this country would be a better place. I think it’s hilarious that someone like you would call me opinionated. If I were to call you call me a name, if I were short you call me a different name,. You see, that’s what you do. You bag on people to make yourself feel better. It’s pretty sad. I will be a party to making your retarded blog more popular. So I’ll leave you with these words. You are pathetic, And your blog shows the whole world what a moron you really are. Bye-bye

  14. C. Bourgeois

    What type of crap website is this? To be saying such vulgar things about a woman police officer. I hope the Marblehead woman who bit her ear off gets a lengthy jail sentence.

    BTW this website should be nixed.
    Your blog is pathetic.


    Interesting comment…..

    Let me understand Catherine, – you work for a law firm, – but want to limit our Freedom of Speech, – by having our website ‘Nixed’?

    Exactly what agency of government does that task? Who makes the final decision?

    How long have you worked down on Black Falcon Avenue?

    And,.. WHO forced you to read RRB?

  15. MC


    I’ve read your comments and understand you only spent 2 years in law enforcement — perhaps military- where rules must be adhered to by all.

    Here is my perspective – as 24-year female patrol cop and training officer:

    Yes, the job requires more than one tool in a cop’s arsenal, but common sense should be one of the first.

    Let’s face it, with the election of Obama and extended liberal attitude has escalated racial tensions in the US back to the 60’s. Law enforcement has been set back many years. What could have been the norm ten years ago isn’t. The days of a cop walking into a room and assuming you command respect are long gone.

    There is no respect for anything – God, Country and Family have been tossed by the wayside by the liberal ideals. So what you disparage as thug mentality is in reality the attitude it takes to go home each night.

    So a bit of scenario playing : Two sets of cops arrive at a bar fight, – one has your 5′ female rookie, another cop 5’4 and a third about the same size… The second set has a female 5’5 ‘with attitude’ and carrying a shotgun, a male partner who is 6’1 and a male back up who is also 6’2.

    Which set of individuals do you think will command more respect just by entering the bar? Which set are unlikely to have to resort to physical force?

    When the 2nd set entered the bar those cops didn’t worry about folks ‘feelings’, so the female chambered a round just to get the patrons attention. That was me.

    My advice to Jessica – take the Workmen’s Comp money and find a new profession.

    Most of us have never been able to exactly do what we wanted to in life. You are a marked woman, the goons on the street will remember this incident and test you over and over.

    Attitude & Pride — Jessica you just haven’t got it. Why do I say that?

    Pride: Your uniform…you would never have passed my muster. They don’t have tailors in Salem?

    Attitude: You don’t command respect just by standing there. Your shield can’t make up the difference, and now your fellow officers will have to protect you, and while they are doing that – I pray that their own backs will be covered.

  16. Seamus

    Cicero, you’re right of course, despite the bleatings of these leftist cowards, except the blame should be laid at the feet of the one whom hired that fat broad of a “chief”.

  17. Seamus

    Comment above was meant for MC, NOT Cicero!

  18. Seamus

    Cicero is a libprog that doesn’t know his/her arse from his/her elbow, possibly a 12 y/o socialist trans living parents basement I’d bet.