Timothy J. Hauler WHAT Are You Thinking?

Posted August 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Chesterfield County sprawls across the South side of Richmond, Virginia,  – where Judge Timothy J. Hauler just let another rapist walk free.

The last time he did it – in 2016, – Dana William proceeded to strangle his ex-Father-in-Law,  kidnapped his ex-Mother-in-Law,  – and as the cops closed in – shot himself.

The body of William’s ex-Mother-in-Law was eventually found alongside of a highway.

So WHY does Judge Hauler ignore the recommendations of prosecutors and court psychiatrists….and give violent rapists PAROLE?

And,…(wait for it),…Judge Hauler “took into consideration” the fact that the 14-year old victim had read “Fifty Shades of Grey”,  – and she had texted a willingness to engage in kinky activity. 

At 14 years old…

Imagine how William’s and Osborn’s female victims feel – when the Judge lets their rapist walk…?

In California a waitress can be JAILED for offering customer a plastic straw;  – but in Judge Hauler’s court her rapist will walk free….

OK,…agreed,  young Osborn must register as sex offender,  – but he’s not getting nightly visits in his cell,…is he…?

LESSON FOR PARENTS:   If you have a daughter – any age – make sure she understands that EVIL can come in a handsome package,  talk and text sweetly,  and do lasting damage in just seconds.


6 Responses to “Timothy J. Hauler WHAT Are You Thinking?”

  1. Sherox

    I had no idea that the law said to take the fact that the girl had read Fifty Shades of Grey and said she was willing to engage in kinky activity into account.


    Of COURSE it DOESN’T!!

    This judge is reaching way beyond common sense to keep the kid out of jail…which makes me think that his daddy is politically connected.

    The age of consent in Virginia remains 18…..

  2. Panther 6

    How do the voters keep electing idiot judges? But what is worse they then don’t recall or impeach them. DUMB

  3. Jay Luster

    Man rapes a 14 year old girl and walks because the girl admitted to reading poorly written fiction? Judge Hauler needs to be impeached or recalled.

  4. megan

    The judge is most likely a predator himself.



    That EXACT thought occurred to me too, – perhaps in his younger days.

  5. Luis

    Whats wrong with YOU. 14 yeard old girl. You should bein jail sick disgusting judge .

  6. john doe

    this judge needs to go now. not suspended or reviewed he needs to be fired and investigated. this immunity these public officials receive needs to end now. Remove him from his seat or we the people will do it our way .