Times Square: de Blasio’s Shooting Gallery

Posted May 8th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Three people shot;  – 2 women and a 4-year old girl?
The girl,  identified as Skye Martinez, was struck in a leg, police said.   Wendy Magrinat, 23,  was struck in a thigh,  and Mạrcela Aldana, 43, was hit in a foot.   We’re told it was an argument between 4 men;  – the victims were just collateral damage.   If the shooter wasn’t a cop,  – the details will be lost in the news cycle.

Just last June the city erupted in protests,  violence,  burning,  and looting over the death of a career drug addict – George Floyd.

But there were no protests last month when an 18-yr old man from Ohio was arrested in Times Square with an AK-47.  He claimed to have a permit….

Somehow this arrest didn’t make the national news.  Saadiq doesn’t fit the left-wing narrative of a “…right-wing Trump voting racist white supremacist…”.

Today – as if by spring-loaded reflex – NYC’s communist mayor was tweeting about “…the flood of illegal guns…”  – before Bellview was done treating the wounded women.

Note in the above tweet how de Blasio has faith in the NYPD to find the shooters…

You ~ may ~ remember back to New Year’s Day 2014,  – when he was sworn in and was telling everybody in attendance how he had to tell his son Dante how to avoid being shot by the police,  – because he was a Black kid.

In the 7 years since being sworn in,  his city had descended into racist chaos,  taxes are up,  the murder rate is up,  the city was shut down during 2020 “for Coronavirus”, – and the rich and mobile corporations (aka the TAX BASE) are leaving the city.

And today de Blasio doesn’t have enough cops left to keep his Tourist Mecca – Time Square,  – cleared of gun-toting trigger-happy gang-bangers….

Yet just last year,  – HE was running for President…? 

Want to live in a free-fire shooting gallery?

Simple,  – just vote Democrat!

UPDATE:  Sunday (Mother’s Day) 9 May 2021  Black Lives Matter?
Brother Farrakhan was shooting at his BROTHER when his stray bullets hit three other people. Happy Mother’s Day! 

This is the third world jungle that NYC has sunk into.

UPDATE:   Wed, 12 May 2021   US Marshals arrest Farrakhan Muhammad with a ‘girlfriend’ in Starke, Florida (a town on Hwy 301 – halfway between Jacksonville and Gainesville). GREAT police work to all involved!

This poor misunderstood person of color has been arrested 10 times since 2007,  – on increasingly serious charges.   Dare we say ‘career criminal’?

3 Responses to “Times Square: de Blasio’s Shooting Gallery”

  1. Jim Buba

    Just a disagreement in ANOTHER drug deal

  2. Varvara

    “and the NYPD will bring them to justice”

    How? They are quitting, leaving the force. Why? This so-called mayor is not supporting them. Remember a few years back when a police officer was killed and the family had a Mass for him. de Blasio went to the church. The family asked him not to come. He went and wanted to speak. The family and friends rushed him out the door. When he left the church 200 officers turned their back to him.

  3. Panther 6

    De Blazio is a mental midget who fortunately will be gone soon. I hope the voters of NYC have woken up to the fact that things have got to change if the City and our nation are to survive.

    I really believe citizens across this land are now awakened and we will see some major changes in NOV 22. I am praying for that. If the GOP doesn’t screw up over the next 18 months I think we can still save our country.