Time To Sue The Elite Kleptocracies

Posted March 14th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Pandora’s Box of elite and mega-expensive colleges has been blown open,  and already the lawsuits have begun to hit the courthouse steps.

The College Admissions Scandal has ONLY JUST BEGUN,  and it will not be limited to a few colleges,  – to a few dozen parents,  – or to just a few recent years….  Soon the names of the politically powerful will be flung into the cauldron.   We’re about to get a REAL education!

One Response to “Time To Sue The Elite Kleptocracies”

  1. Mt Woman

    I know I stand alone in not getting into the fray of wealthy parents trying to buy advantage for their kids. What infuriates me more is to hear these ungrateful and entitled pieces of vomit joking about being able to attend elite schools and programs like they earned the right based on entitlement (then keep your mouth shut and be silently appreciative) or merit where you have earned the right to boast. Attending these elite schools and then not attending classes but enjoying the parties and fun is not good. This entitlement is abuse of the system and hardworking Americans.