Time To Flush The RiNOs

Posted September 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It turns out we have fewer – far fewer REAL Republicans in Washington than we thought.   It’s time to inventory their votes, – count their lies,  and dump the RiNOs!
Flush Your RiNOs
Ted CruzMike Lee,  and Rand Paul have caused the RiNOs to fully reveal themselves.

RiNOs like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Cornyn, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski and others are willing to ‘give a little to get a little’.


The ‘little’ they’re willing to give – are your freedoms and your tax money.

The ‘little’ they’re willing to get – are laws which benefit them personally – or from which they exempt themselves.

Cruz, Lee, and Paul are standing strong against this kind of soft treason.

They’re honoring both the letter and the spirit of their Oaths. They are the kind of legislators our Founders envisioned.

5 Responses to “Time To Flush The RiNOs”

  1. Tom

    The establishment, aka RiNO Republicans, are doing their very best to discredit Ted Cruz. They have gone so far as to provide a data packet to Chris Wallace for his Sunday show on FNC. As he discussed this with the super establishment RiNO, Karl Rove, he looked like a Cheshire cat. Those Reps and Senators who ran on the platform of defunding Obamacare should be singled out to their constituents if they are not supporting this defunding initiative.
    All praise and glory to Ted Cruz for his fillibuster and may he continue his quest!

  2. BigSkyCountry

    Watch Senator Cruz below ! Please pray for him also !!


  3. Casey Chapman

    We need a t-shirt based on the picture you included above. It states the message about as clearly as is possible.

  4. Walter Knight

    You’re a RiNO if you object to using drones to kill enemy terrorists in Yemen. I’ll support Jebb Bush.

  5. Don Smith

    It is time to run the Rinos out of Washington, I am talking of the Rinos of both parties! America and our deficit went to hell under their watch collectively. It is time to hold them accountable. They once again sold out America.

    I fought for a better America, She deserves better, and a better President. I am ashamed of him and for the first time in 62 years embarassed of our countries leadership.

    Let’s clean house!