Time To Fire Eric Shinseki

Posted May 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Obama doesn’t really care!   To him Shinseki is his token Asian – a visible Asian in his cabinet. Leadership was never a factor – just his Asian face and name.Shinseki at the table
Obama could not care less; – he despises veterans – sees them as the worn-out tools of American imperialism

He just doesn’t want any more “fake scandals”…during the mid-term election year. Anything – like veterans committing suicide while on fake waiting lists – could cost him the Senate, – and could lead to impeachment.

A piss-poor General became a piss-poor cabinet secretary. Congress should pass a bill to strike Shinseki’s cabinet retirement package.

Obama won't fire Shinseki

…he has put his heart and soul into this,…a great public servant…”

ANALYSIS: Obama doesn’t want to be seen caving to public pressure, – thinks if he fires Shinseki, – the demand for Holder’s head is next….  In that, he is correct!

4 Responses to “Time To Fire Eric Shinseki”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I believe he will be asked to resign this morning when he meets with Obama at 1045. The systemic problems will continue as more hospitals are found to be problematic. Shinseki is and has been a darling of the left.

  2. Sherox

    His “resignation” is not so much a resignation as he had already planned on retiring and his replacement had already been named. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2014/05/19/regime_spins_the_va_scandal_with_familiar_falsehoods_obama_just_found_out_is_really_mad_had_good_intentions_and_has_fired_somebody_for_it

  3. Casey Chapman

    Obama doesn’t care about veterans. Period. Not to encouraging for my vet husband and I.

  4. William Clark

    The great disparity – try being an enlisted soldier for more than 20 years, the current VA is at least a step-up. No excuses, but I’ll bet it was a commissioned officer who complained that started this latest folly. Since the GOP can’t focus on anything except for Benghazi it is a refreshing change. Wait till the GOP finds out the VA covers all Women’s health issues, including chlid birth and the “A” word, what!!!….Gumment sponsored, taxpayer paid Abortions by the VA……..(More to Follow).