Time Is Pravda USA….

Posted December 11th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A stolen election is a Soviet standby!

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  1. Vic

    I always trusted Pravda more than the American press. When I was learning Russian, one of the class assignments was frequently taking a story from the New York Times or Boston Globe, and comparing it to the Soviet press story in Pravda (The Truth) or Izvestia (The News). What I discovered was that the American press consistently put a negative spin on every story, and the Soviet press always reported from a more optimistic standpoint – obviously because Pravda/Izvestia/Tass was a propoganda effort meant to mollify a nation of dejected alcoholics.
    Right on the front page of Pravda was the most honest statement of all, “Organ of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.” Time magazine is not so honest.
    Of courst the Russian people knew it was all fake propoganda, hence the old expression, “There is no News in the Truth, and no Truth in the News.”