Time For Your Taxpayer Heads To Explode?

Posted June 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

While we grieve and sympathize with their murders,…does this seem unreal?   Crime Victim Assistance?  $29 Million Dollars?
Obama Crime Victim Assistance

3 Responses to “Time For Your Taxpayer Heads To Explode?”

  1. Panther 6

    This is totally unreal and so far beyond the Pale that it blows my mind!!! Tax dollars for victims families??? I believe this one borders on grounds for impeachment IF it happens. Of course there are plenty of other grounds for impeachment. Are they going to send a couple of mill to the family of the gentle giant in Ferguson or to the family of Freddie Gray??

    This shooting was terrible and Roof should get the death penalty but sending millions to families appears to be just what you said, redistribution of white folks money. But there are plenty of black taxpayers who will be putting their tax dollars into this travesty.

  2. Muriel McGrann

    More fools are born each day. It proves that money is their idol…especially if its not from their pocket…………….

  3. MC

    Have been waiting this day for the main internet news sites to report this but they haven’t as of yet. To me that just proves whose pockets they are in.

    We taxpayers like lemmings pay our tax bills when they are due, but it amazes me to see how the so called elites can throw money away– especially since they didn’t have to earn it. Burial money, yes but 3.2 million just makes my head spin around

    Will some enterprising attorney pick up the cry and say what about my client who is also a victim of a crime.