Time For New State Police Leadership

Posted January 3rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

I love ’em, but it’s been a tough couple of months for our 2000 Mass State Troopers. The headlines have been awful. Details below the fold.


Hey, call me old fashioned – or even a Jurassic throwback, but I think Law Enforcement Leadership should be no-nonsense hard-ass cops with a record of arrests, prosecutions, and standing up for the Citizens and the Law. That ain’t the case here in ooey-gooey liberal Massachusetts. Judge for yourself:

  Behold your ‘LEADERSHIP‘ TEAM:


AsstSec Public Safety Karen M. WellsColonel Marian J McGovern – and Mary Beth Heffernan – ExecSec Public Safety [reports directly to Duh-Val].

  Are you impressed?

Well, maybe by the obvious show of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

We met Mary Beth during the series of ‘public hearings’ into the Secure Communities Program. She gives the distinct impression of someone struggling to stay awake after a long hard night.

She most commonly answers questions with ‘I don’t know.’


UPDATE: Arrested 23 Feb 2012: 18 year veteran K9 Trooper Donald S. Pillsbury arrested for beating his wife in Brimfield.  21 March: Domestic Assault & Battery charges DROPPED – wife won’t testify…

Dec 16th – Efrain Montanez, 50 – 27 year veteran [once decorated for bravery] was enjoying a Lewinsky with 23-year-old Katelyn Pumphret. When confronted by Lynn police officers, he attempted to run one of them down before driving off.

Nov 19thCaptain Thomas McCarthy, 47 led police down Route 1 in Saugus in an unmarked state cruiser – open and unopened beer bottles.  UPDATE:  Jan 19th 2012 – McCarthy beat the DUI rap in court because Saugus PD failed to give him a breathalizer test.  Damn!  UPDATE: July 16th Lynn Dist Judge Albert Conlon rules against Essex DA – ‘continues case w/out findings’ – means McCarthy will likely get off AND return to duty.

Jan 1st – off-duty Trooper John Bergeron, 50, shot 66 year old neighbor Cheryl Blair of Norton allegedly mistaking her two dogs for a deer…? He has previously hunted with Cheryl’s husband.

Today the Herald reports that the FBI has arrested Trooper John M. Analetto, accusing him of running a bookmaking operation and threatening to kill a witness.  UPDATE:  17 May 2013  Found GUILTY of extortion, jury hung on second charge.   Thurs 10 Oct 2013 Sentenced to 3½ years.

So four (4) bad apples out of 2000 is a very small number. But I think this is merely the tip of the iceberg. A State Police Captain doesn’t develop a drinking problem overnight – or in isolation.

Colonel McGovern’s email warning to the force reminding them of standards is a mere ‘cover her ass’ gesture – a bureaucratic formality.

Somewhere amongst that 2000-strong force there is a worthy cop with a distinguished record and the bearing and demeanor of a real leader.

It’s time for Deval Patrick to find him – and promote him.

And he needs to clean the political hacks and dead wood out of the Office of Public Safety.

The law enforcement professionals of our Commonwealth deserve better! So do we!

 /s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

AND – breaking this afternoon, LtGov Tim ‘Crash’ Murray fined $555 for going 108 MPH at 05:26 [AM] on Nov 2nd down I-190.  He was ‘looking for a Dunkin-Donuts’.  Yeah!  right!

UPDATE – Friday 1 June 2012:

OK Folks, I’m taking at least Partial Credit for this one!!

Friday, 13 July 2012Colonel Timothy Alben sworn in as new Superintendent.

Saturday:  July 21st 2012:  Oops –  Another Mass Statie under arrest: Daniel Sheehan – 46 – 10 years on the force found sleeping drunk in his car in Enfield, CT.

SADLY ANOTHER: Sun 22 Sept 2013    Off-duty State Trooper John Basler of Kingston was drunk when he caused a crash that killed two women.

Richard McKeonUPDATE: Wed 8 July 2015   ANOTHER Deval Patrick head rolls:  Colonel Tim Alben [who replaced Miriam McGovern] retiring – suddenly!   Major Richard McKeon assumes command.

YET ANOTHER:   Monday 3 August 2015  Arrested for domestic assault Sunday Trooper Corey Benoit – 36,  shoved his girlfriend and punched walls in Royalston.Corey Benoit

Oh WoW! Thurs 6 Aug 2015 Now Trooper Benoit blames his twin brother for his girlfriend’s broken collar bone…?


SELF-INFLICTED WOUND  Tues 15 Sept 2015  Accidental discharge of a 12-gauge shotgun – by an ‘unnamed SP Sergeant’ from Troop H – South Boston – shot himself in the leg.   You drive around with a round chambered Sergeant?

DOMESTIC ABUSE:    Sat 23 April 2016   Robert Sundberg 45 year old [14 years a Trooper] arrested for choking his live-in girlfriend [also a State Trooper] in their Boxborough apartment.  He is assigned to the Concord Barracks….per the girlfriend’s statement:  “…a chronic abuser, alcoholic, and steroid user who terrorized her for years”  Why did you stay with him…?

MORE CRAP!   Friday, 9 Sept 2016    Three State Troopers – a lieutenant and 2 troopers assigned to the armory at the State Police Academy in New Braintree – have been suspendedWITHOUT PAY – for “weapons transfers” of “surplus weapons” to a licensed state dealer… Case referred to gun-hating AG Maura Healey….


ANOTHER DUI:  Sunday 28 May 2017   Sergeant Dennis Remkus – assigned to the State Police Air Wing – arrested in Mendon for DUI

UPDATE:  8 Nov 2017   MORE UGLY SHIT!   Trooper Ryan Sceviour files a federal lawsuit claiming he was ORDERED to scrub/rewrite a 16 October arrest report of drunk driver 30-year-old Alli Bibauda judge’s daughter.   She offered to give him a blow job to not give her a ticket – and he wrote it all down.  Then he got called into the barracks the next day and ordered to scrub the arrest report.

Charlie Baker’s Public Safety Director Daniel Bennett and State Police Col. Richard McKeon are alleged to have made the demand….

Did Charlie order it…?


21 June 2019   Trooper Andrew Patterson was charged with lewd, wanton, and lascivious conduct in connection with an incident at a soldout concert in Foxboro,  in which he allegedly masturbated next to a woman before he punched her boyfriend in the face.  Charges dismissed in November – witnesses failed to show up.  July 2020 – Patterson has resigned from the force.

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SICKENING: Sun, 22 Aug 2021

Retired Massachusetts State Police detective captain Francis “Frank” Hart of Amherst arrested for child pornography.  Over 5,000 images found.  Only had to post $2,500 bail.


3 Responses to “Time For New State Police Leadership”

  1. Karen G

    It looks like Colonel Marian is willingly aiding in the cover up of Tiny Tim’s “accident”. She’s just another liberal Massachusetts democrat puppet — and Deavll is pulling the strings.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Just the fact that during the Secure Communities road show she was a willful participant and ally of the socialist apologists should disqualify her from any public safety position. Maybe there is an early retirement route for her also.

  3. Jim Buba

    Another Affirmative Action nightmare; Gone with the Winds of change.